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Autumn diary (report of child nutrition breakfast practices) – Sohu maternal mother seedling nagging: Thank you for reading my words, although I do not have the exquisite tableware, not rhetoric, often Tucao breakfast "Yan value is low, but I still keep a record of the state, because this is my true life, I do not cater to the who, just an ordinary breakfast records of the family of three, I want to convey the idea of not wobble or other, but collocation and nutrition, also hope to bring inspiration to more families; to be a down to Earth children nutrition division is my heart. But I also want to say that nutrition is not the ultimate goal of happiness is a happy day, starting with breakfast, the whole family together to eat comfortable breakfast is my understanding of the most simple happiness ~ Miao Xiaoniu breakfast: purple sweet potato rice paste + Hu Luo Bu fried lettuce + Steamed Jiaozi (eat vinegar) + Boiled Egg (with practice) seedlings was 5 and a half years old girl, the picture is our breakfast, hee hee; my breakfast are particularly common in fact, very quickly, the hope can bring some inspiration to everyone; chat with mom recently found a lot of baby’s breakfast is very monotonous, usually porridge or noodles and the like, there is little to see vegetables; in fact no contact with nutrition before my breakfast are rarely vegetables, not to mention a separate fried dishes, but after learning to realize the importance of nutrition, vegetables for breakfast, breakfast slowly the table has become rich, I used to think of the morning fried dishes will be very troublesome, in fact, make a habit, cooking is very fast; cooking today to share a simple vitamin rich, carrot fried lettuce; [materials] carrots, lettuce, cooked sesame, salt, vegetable oil; [] 1, lettuce leaves to practice peeled carrot shred shred; 2, were poured into the pot heat oil, carrots and lettuce shreds and stir fry, add salt, stir fry; 3, dish after sprinkle cooked sesame 4, mix well; and recommend breakfast: collocation and steamed stuffed bun or rolls and pasta with rice paste or Soybean Milk; I is the collocation of purple sweet potato rice paste and Steamed Jiaozi; [] fresh lettuce leaves production techniques do not throw away, can keep the soup; [suitable crowd] for more than a year and a half of the baby; [recommended] reason is very simple and very refreshing a stir fry, especially for breakfast; because carrots and lettuce are vitamin rich vegetables Vegetables, carrots for example, carrot contains a very important nutrients: beta carotene, vitamin A, it can be converted into vitamin A in the body, the baby’s growth and development plays a very important role, the lack of VA may cause iron deficiency anemia, and will affect the baby respiratory tract and gastrointestinal resistance; at the same time, carrots and lettuce is also rich in other vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, C, and rich in trace elements of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and so on; therefore, parents should consciously give the baby let the baby eat vegetables, intake of nutrients and let the baby healthy and happy growth; [purple sweet potato rice paste approach] many people at home have Soybean Milk machine, but there are a lot of family Soybean Milk machine!相关的主题文章: