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Autumn pregnant good season, male pregnancy should pay attention to what? Although the mother and daughter of the Sohu in the year there will be a lot of babies born, but many people as a mother who said that the fall is a good season for pregnancy. Of course, the first is an invigorating autumn climate, not winter cold nor hot summer, but this time it is the season of ripe fruits, can help replenish the body’s vitamin and nutrition. Of course, this is for the benefit of expectant mothers, and men fall pregnant need to do? The preparation of pregnancy, no father notes in the autumn of 1 sperm quality in men sperm activity was the strongest in men in the four seasons is different, generally in the fall of the male sperm vitality is the best in spring and winter, while the number of sperm is the largest, but the tail of the defect may occur. The proportion of immature sperm in the summer will be higher. 2 men in preparation for an invigorating autumn climate, during pregnancy also have the best exercise habits, because sperm to have the quality, but also to maintain the vitality, adhere to exercise is very necessary. Can choose to climb or run, etc., effectively improve the body’s blood circulation, promote the body’s metabolism. The 3 autumn harvest, to supplement the autumn is a harvest season, fruit mature, can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, the body needs vitamin intake and activity on sperm quality is also very beneficial. At the same time also need to eat some rich in quality protein and trace elements of zinc and selenium and other foods, such as meat, eggs and milk. The preparation of pregnancy, men should pay attention to these 1 spermicidally food to eat and not mothers compared to prepare pregnant period, men for diet is more casual, but still need to know better not to eat some food, such as celery, beer and coffee are best to avoid eating or drinking. 2 tight pants to wear less in autumn, men should wear pants, but still pay attention to as little as possible or not wearing tight pants and underwear. Otherwise, tight pants or too high temperature have a bad effect on the male’s sperm and reproductive function. 3 to develop a good habit of autumn is a good season for pregnant women, not just women who need to pay attention to the preparation of pregnancy, while men also need to pay attention to many aspects of. Eating habits and routines should be regular, stay up all night, drinking and smoking should be avoided as much as possible, which helps to optimize the eugenics, there is a healthy and clever baby. Special reminder: not all hospitals are family hospital, the hospital family is only one of Beijing, no branch! Beijing family hospital is approved by the State Department of health of the infertility specialist hospital. Welcome to call Beijing Tianlun hospital 24 hours hotline: 010-85631116.相关的主题文章: