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Backtesting Secrets Revealed with The Ultimate Trade Analyzer Part 3 To obtain your free backtesting software, The Ultimate Trade Analyzer Simple, and follow along, visit For more free day trading educational webinars visit Follow along with the webinar recording here: …not adding to your position? By the time you get over to here, you’ve got probably less than 1%, maybe one-half of 1% risk on any given trade. How’s your confidence going to be at that point as you trade your way to your dreams? This is how it’s done. But you have to have the vision first. You have to have the tools to have the vision. You’re not going to get this from automation. But if you experience this click for click, bar for bar, if you put in the time, you’re going to get paid. There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. You can study your drawdowns, you can study your loss episodes. There are so many things were built into here that I don’t have time to show you now. Okay? So that’s the pro version. If you ever decide you want to upgrade to it, you know, it’s not that much. In fact, I even can give you a very special offer today. At the last minute I was talking to my friends over in the office at Net Picks and they agreed to lower the price dramatically on the pro version if anyone were interested. However, I’m giving you the simple version free. So, you know, either way, you’re going to walk away with the UTA. But the pro version is going to be made available to whoever is interested. All right? So I just wanted to show you that because unless you know it’s here, there’s no way to know that there’s something there that could really help you. I really thought it was important to show you. All right? So with that, I am now going to start hitting up questions and actually — let’s see. Before I even hit up the questions, let me do this. Let me — I was going to show you some of these cool charts here but we’re running out of time. And I was even going to show you on Metatrader how you could back-test. Basically, it’s the same thing, you just have to read it off the data window over here, but you could see. It’s going to work the same. It doesn’t matter what platform you use, TradeStation, Metatrader, whether — this is, of course, this is the SST but you could test anything you want, obviously, whatever you can think of, whatever you want to put in there. What I want to show you guys now is this. On December 13th we’ve got a free interview with a really great author. Anne-Marie Baiynd, I think that’s how we pronounce her name, Baiynd. The Trading Book: A Complete Solution to Mastering Technical Systems and Trading Psychology. All right. This is another great webinar that Net Picks is offering absolutely free. And you can register right now but you got to type that in. Let me see — let me type that in for you. I’m going to put this in the chat. Give me a second to type it in. And then all you guys got to do is click on it to be able to register. You can copy and save the link and register later. But you’re not going to want to miss it because this is going to be an awesome interview. All right? I also want to give you the link to get the SST Simple. Let me give you that right now. And this is free. This is what you’re here for. There it is, You can click on that link and you’re going to get the free version of the SST Simple. All right? So now let me just tell you this because this just came to me now, actually, in an instant messenger. The professional version of the UTA typically sells for $297. If anybody is interested in that today, you get $100 discount. So for $197 you can have the full UTA and own it forever, the full pro version. Let me just get that link in there for whoever is interested. Again, you don’t have to get it. You can get the free one but some of you may want it. And there’s the link, You have 24 hours and you get the $100 discount. Not only that, but I’m able to throw in — first of all, the full version comes with a big huge library of video trainings. The training for the UTA covers the entire package A through Z, the pro version. The UTA Simple also comes with the video training. But, we also did three advance training seminars that people paid for. They paid about $150 for that. And anybody that orders the pro version, I am able to give you that three session training in addition for no charge. Okay? And if you don’t know if you want it yet, I could also give you another discount, there’s a $50 discount for anybody that orders the full version by the end of the year. So it’s a pretty sweet deal. You could take your time. Instead of $297, it’s $247, but you also get the training, the advance training. And here’s the link for that as well. So no pressure, no hard sales, it’s just, you know, a cool deal. And if you want it, there it is. And if not, at least you get the free version. And believe me, that free version is going to take you pretty darn far. All right? So those are all the links. I took care of all the business I had to take care off. And now I’m going to circle around and start hitting up these questions. And there’s a lot of them so bear with me. Let me just read through them. Hey, Mark Sellers. How are you doing? Mark says hi. A friend of mine. The webinar is recorded, yes. Where is the chat box? Hopefully, you found it. What else? Thanks for the software. You’re welcome. I don’t see any questions. Still going down, down. I see a lot of people answered my questions. How can I get that Excel file. Well, he left. Let’s see. Anthony Robinson, the email is going to be actually sent out to everyone, the email for the recording. All right. Archie with a pretty cool comment. He says, “I start second-guessing during back-testing.” He has trouble not cheating, not changing the rules, dealing with news, et cetera. Archie, you know what? What you’re experiencing is exactly the thing you’re supposed to experience. It’s going to help you the most. The thing is, you have to be steadfast and disciplined enough to just keep clicking forward and keep staying with your rules. You could always change them later. But if you don’t know what to change, you’re not going to benefit. So don’t cheat. Just put the trades in and try to be detached. There’s an old musician saying, I don’t know if all of you know this but I’m a musician. I’ve been playing all my entire life. And I also learned this in sports. If you practice hard, you play hard. If you practice like a wimp, you play like a wimp. Okay? I learned to practice hard at a very young age. But the same is true with trading. You want to practice how you intend to trade. If you’re having trouble back-testing, that’s a — believe me, that’s a gift that you’re discovering because what you’re learning is that you’re not ready to trade real money, and that’s a pretty valuable lesson. That’s fine. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we all fall back to that point also. It’s what we always go through anyway. Just going through the trials and tribulations of trading. But it’s okay because you can overcome it but you have to be aware of it. And then you force yourself. If you overcome it when you practice, you’re going to be able to overcome it when you trade live. At least you’re going to have a better chance. So hopefully, you’ll see the value in that. I’m showing you 2003 Excel. I like ’03. I hate ’07 because I don’t like all those stupid little symbols. I’m old school. I just want to see the menu. That’s just me. A lot of you like ’07, great. You could use ’07. All right. So Ruben asked what’s the difference between the basic UTA and the pro version? Hopefully, I answered that question. You saw those cool tools that the pro version has. Mainly, it’s the money management, the expectation tool, the trade distribution histogram and a few other bells and whistles that are pretty valuable. Wolfgang asked me if I have a trade system only for end of day in weekly time frames. Absolutely, yes. On the Seven Summits Trader Owners Club, anyone who is a Seven Summits trader will find trade plans for end of day, for end of week. And if you have the system, you can create your own specially if you have the UTA. And if you got the UTA, the SST Pro, the new version, that actually comes with an automation. It comes with an SST TradeStation automation module. It’s extra thing. Of course, you have to purchase it but you can really discover some great trade plan opportunities. And Doug say, “Very cool. Lot’s of work went in in a comprehensive –” Yeah, yeah, a lot of work. Joe is asking, “Can you put in the amount of shares for stock trade?” That’s a good question. You know, the thing you want to do is just set it to 100. And yes, you can. You can set it to a certain quantity and then you just test every single trade with the same amount. Okay? You’re really trying to develop a trade plan. You’re not trying to use it for real time, you know, real trade. You know, maybe in one trade you put 50, maybe in another trade put 100. You can really do that. You can double up by adding extra lines and additional trade. Like I did two trades for one crude oil trade. Each one was a single contract, that type of thing. Hopefully, Jack, you learned where to put the trades. “Why can’t I get performance report on my TradeStation?” Dave Lou, because you have to have automation. “Can these charts be enlarged? Can black backgrounds be changed to another color?” Stan, you’re asking about TradeStation. You do have controls to do that. What else? “How many months do you usually go back to get your data?” That’s a good question. I mean I like to go back as far as I can but it depends on if you’re a day trader or a swing trader. It depends on the trade timeframe. What we learned from those stability graphs is that you need to have at least 100 or so trades before you start seeing stability in your statistics. So you want to kind of go back maybe get 300 trades, that sort of thing. So however back you go depends on if you’re day trading or swing trading. Does that make sense? Tony is asking if it’s possible to use six set up types. Let me just look real quick. I don’t know if six — I see one, two, three, four, five. Five set up types , not six. Sorry. I had to put the line somewhere. What is contract. Well, that was crude oil we’re looking at option. Back-test a Metatrade, Kaye asked. Well, it’s basically the exact same exercise. You got to just put the trades in. So if you’re looking at Metatrade or let’s just say, you know — Metatrade is a little clumsier than TradeStation but you learn how to use it. You can click on the setup bar, hit the alt key and now it doesn’t move anymore. You can come over here and you can get off the data window, your entry, your targets or stops. Now, that’s assuming that you’re using a trade system that’s got some level of sophistication built into it. Otherwise, let’s just say it’s a blank chart, you’re not using any system, you just have to enter in where your trade entry is. It’s the same thing. You’d type in the same information. You just got to read it off of the chart. So if you’re doing a trend line or if you’re shorting a head and shoulders or whatever you’re doing, you know, you could still put in your entries, your exits and it doesn’t matter what charting system you’re using. Does that make sense? Erin says, “I’m a newbie. Will this system be available any time? I’m ready to start my demo account or go active trading.” Erin, I don’t know if you’re referring to the UTA or the SST system. I was showing you the SST because that’s the system I designed. I co-developed it along with Net Picks. And because what I use, I was showing you. That’s how I developed the UTA. The UTA is the spreadsheet that teaches you all about your trades when you put those trades in there. You get that for free. If you want to learn about the SST, you can. In fact, you can go to this link right here, There it is in the chat box. And you can learn all about the SST. And I encourage you to do that. It’s an awesome system. I call it live trade room and doing it so for nearly four years. And I’ve been using the SST since April of 2010 and I still use it every single day. And I rely on it, I lean on it and it what gives me the winning track record that I’ve been able to compile over the years. So I highly recommend, if you’re interested in the SST, to go take a look at it. Erik, do you see the software link? You said you didn’t see it. Hopefully, you see it now. Let’s see. Link for free version, asked for email address but nowhere to put it. Then it tells you, you made an error, not able to download it. JW, are you still having trouble? I don’t know. Maybe there was a lot of people hitting in at the same time. But if anyone is having trouble, I’m going to give you my email address. There it is [email protected] , T-J-N-O-O-N And I’d be happy to help anyone that’s having trouble or that has any questions. And Ken is asking if there’s training. Yes, there is. Can it be used for Forex spot? Of course, it can. Any market. Thank you, thank you, thank you. When do I get the UTA site? And I go to UTA site, there’s no place to enter my email to get access, okay. So I’m getting a few people having problems there. But you got my email so that’s your fallback. Which is the link for the training videos? When you get to UTA, there are some links that take you to the training. If you’re referring to the pro version where you actually, you know, you have that deal where you could buy the pro version, then we will send you links for the three additional advance training videos. Mona says, “I do have the full version of these but I can’t access the links since we corrupt it. Can I get a new link and also get access to the training advance videos?” Stay tuned for the rest of this 6 –part series, or if you simply cannot wait, watch the entire webinar here: ..netpicks../trading-tips/webinar-recording-backtesting-secrets-revealed-with-the-ultimate-trade-analzyer/ 相关的主题文章: