Barbecue madman Grilled 216 sheep, set a world record for Guinness

"Barbecue madman" Grilled only 216 sheep Guinness world record original title: Guangxi "barbecue madman" Grilled 216 sheep, Guinness world record chart for Guinness certification officer to A Bing award. Zhang Guangquan pictured Bing site baked lamb. Zhang Guangquan photo net Nanning February 20 (reporter Zhang Guangquan) February 20th, "barbecue madman" in Nanning alone completed 216 sheep roasting work, challenging the Guinness world record success in. Bing Jiang Linsheng, Guangxi County, Guilin city state, was a well-known local chef in Guangxi. 2007 year 10 month, Bing had been using the 100 2008 minute site baked chicken, and declare the project world record. In addition, Bing also created 100 simultaneously roast suckling pigs, 136 goats of the record. In 2016, the 3th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, in Nanning only 2016 Bing grilled chicken spring. At 11 a.m. that morning, the challenge began. Chef A Bing led a group of about ten assistants in the two stage, a total length of about 20 meters on the rack and bake fork 216 sheep. Back and forth to the scene, Bing 216 sheep oil, sprinkle material, double baking…… Each link is skillful and orderly. After about two hours of baking, the challenge ended. The British Guinness headquarters official site certification certification, Bing challenge "at the same time most sheep roasted fork Guinness world records Title success. The scene of the activity was a sea of people. Many Nanning residents come to feel the delicious. Zhang told reporters that this challenge Guinness world record, designed to circle a dream 18 years ago. He told reporters, in 1997, he used only 260 yuan to go to Nanning, where to create their own barbecue business. From the barbecue began, he always dreamed of one day to become a world-class master of barbecue, Bing said, in the past ten years, he has been kept in experiment, Guinness challenges a lot like this type of. For today’s success, joy, Bing also said thank you, "I want to thank this way since support all my relatives and friends, thank you." According to organizers Lu Xiangyun, Secretary of the Party committee of the national Forest Park in Guangxi, Nanning, the 216 roast sheep will be mainly used for sales, "our sales price is also more favorable, and almost the cost price."". (Editor): editor in chief: SN226

“烧烤狂人”独烤216只羊创吉尼斯世界纪录   原标题:广西“烧烤狂人”独烤216只羊创吉尼斯世界纪录 图为吉尼斯认证官给阿炳颁奖。 张广权 摄 图为阿炳现场烤制全羊。 张广权 摄   中新网南宁2月20日电(记者 张广权)2月20日,广西“烧烤狂人”阿炳在南宁独自完成了216只羊的烤制工作,挑战吉尼斯世界纪录成功。   阿炳原名蒋林生,广西桂林市全州县人,是广西当地一名小有名气的厨师。2007年10月,阿炳曾用100分钟现场烤制了2008只鸡,并申报了这一项目的吉尼斯世界纪录。此外,阿炳还创造了同时烤制100只乳猪,136头山羊的纪录。2016年,农历正月初三,阿炳在南宁现烤2016只三黄鸡迎新春。   当天上午11时许,挑战正式开始。厨师阿炳带领约十名助手登场,在总长约20米的两个铁架上同时叉烤216只全羊。现场,阿炳不断来回给216只全羊上油、撒料、翻烤。。。。。。各个环节娴熟有序。经过约两小时的烤制,挑战结束。   经吉尼斯英国总部认证官现场认证,阿炳挑战“同时叉烤最多羊吉尼斯世界纪录”称号成功。   活动现场,人山人海。众多南宁市民慕名前来感受美味。   阿炳告诉记者,此番挑战吉尼斯世界纪录,旨在圆18年前的一个梦想。他告诉记者,1997年,他用仅有的260元人民币南下南宁闯荡,在这里开创了自己的烧烤事业。从做烧烤开始,他就一直梦想有一天能够成为一名世界级的烧烤大师,   阿炳坦言,近十年来,他一直在不停地实验,挑战了很多像这种类型的吉尼斯。对于今天的成功,欣喜之余,阿炳也表示感谢,“我要感谢这一路以来支持我的所有的亲朋戚友,谢谢你们。”   据主办方广西南宁市良凤江国家森林公园党委书记陆湘云介绍,此番烤制的216只羊,将主要用于销售,“我们的销售价格也是比较优惠的,和成本价几乎差不多”。(完) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: