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Careers-Employment Now an effective leader may seem to be a real tough job but it is not so in reality. With a little patience and time you can be.e a leader. It is believed that some are naturally born leaders, however what to do if you are not the chosen one. Dont worry help is at hand and you need not bother about that. The first thing that you need for a leader is your urge to develop your own personality to add to the management of your business. This should be in you and you should be constantly improving yourself in order to excel in anything. Take life as a never ending journey and you need to keep learning for that. You should be constantly upgrading your skills and developing your people skills as well. Again you need to be flexible with your plans. Remember one thing for sure that you need to be open to change. Nature itself is dynamic, so you also need to be able to adapt yourself to changes around you. Change is imminent and you need to be able to adjust yourself. The most important thing about an effective leader is .munication. However your interaction should be based on effective .munication. Know what, when and how to speak. You will get respect and people will take you seriously. You need to remember one thing that you should be able assert yourself. Well like it or not it is a part of a good leader to be little coercive. You can do this with words only. Yes dont overdo it like a dictator! Give honest feedbacks to others. But before feedbacks you need to be doing so you need to be friendly with your subordinates. You should be training your subordinates in an upgraded manner. You could be a leader but at the same time you are a real human being. So you need to be .passionate towards others. Help others to excel in their respective fields. Another thing that can help develop your skills of leadership you need to be passionate. Look you need to be energetic and only then will your subordinates follow you. It is like the prevalent saying of follow the leader. Hence you have to be very careful with your work and how you carry yourself. You should be the highest level that people should look up to. Your honesty, sincerity and integrity will count each and every moment. You need to be very cautious about everything that you do. Above all you be fair and impartial towards everyone. Your .mitment should an example for others. You should also have eyes for details and develop that vision to move ahead with excellence. an effective leader is a gradual process out of your maturity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: