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Be on duty, to secure safe   during the National Day in Wenzhou stable social security – Zhejiang Channel – original title: duty guard to secure safe eleven "past golden week" period, Wenzhou city safety situation is good. The seven day holiday, the city did not affect the major criminal cases of public security, and notified all kinds of police intelligence fell significantly; the city traffic, no major fire accident occurred in a large area; no urban congestion, good traffic order; the city’s fire accidents decreased significantly, there were no casualties. In October 1st, Party Secretary of Municipal Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau Roger in-depth examination of national security and the supervision of frontline rescue and relief work, and in the PUC command center on the city’s public security organs to carry out video call and check the duty guard. During the national day, the public security organs at all levels adhere to their posts, conscientiously perform their duties, fully implement the National Day security work, and strive to maintain social and political stability and peace and order in Wenzhou. Among them, the city’s public security "lights project" based on the realization of "non-stop" festival of lights, scientific and orderly arrangements, to maximize the police put on the street. At the same time the organs of police on duty to enrich the grass-roots units, strengthen the focus sessions, key sections of the patrol, in key positions, key areas of the implementation of "heavily guarded". A total of 66691 police personnel were involved in the festival security and disaster relief work. Before the national holiday, the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" in Wenzhou City, causing serious influence, the city’s public security organs to act, to assist in the rescue and relief work, which assist the relevant departments to transfer of the masses more than 25.91 people, rescue trapped people 3315 people, the cumulative take temporary road closures of 87 provincial and county road. During the national day, the fire department to strengthen the inspection and renovation efforts to ensure the stability of the fire situation. The city reported a fire accident fell by 60.56%, no casualties; traffic police departments investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal traffic 75554, of which 59 drunk driving, drug driving 6. Ensure that the city did not occur a large area, long time traffic congestion problems, no major traffic accidents; Airport Branch, Wenzhou railway police station adhere to the leadership of the lead, to ensure passenger satisfaction and safety. (commissioning editor Zhang Liwei and Weng Dikai) 值班备勤,力保平安 国庆期间温州市社会治安平稳–浙江频道–人民网 原标题:值班备勤 力保平安   刚刚过去的十一“黄金周”期间,温州市安全形势良好。七天假期,全市没有发生影响重大的刑事、治安案件,接报各类警情同比下降明显;全市没有发生重大交通、火灾事故;市区没有发生大面积拥堵,交通秩序良好;全市火灾事故下降明显,没有人员伤亡。   10月1日,市委常委、市公安局党委书记罗杰深入一线检查督导全市国庆安保及抢险救灾工作,并在市局指挥中心对全市各地公安机关开展了视频点名和值班备勤检查。国庆期间,全市各级公安机关坚守岗位,切实履职,全力落实国庆安全保卫各项工作,努力维护温州市社会政治稳定和治安平稳。其中,全市公安以“警灯工程”为依托,实现节日警灯“不停闪”,科学安排勤务,最大限度把警力摆上街面。同时把机关值班警力充实到基层单位,强化重点时段、重点路段的巡防,在重点部位、重点区域实行“重兵把守”。全市共投入警力66691人次参与节日安保和抗台救灾工作。   国庆假期前,第17号台风“鲇鱼”对温州市造成严重影响,全市公安机关全力行动,协助开展抢险救灾工作,其间协助有关部门转移群众25.91余万人次,解救受困群众3315人,累计对87条省市县道路采取临时封道措施。   国庆期间,消防部门加大检查整治力度,确保火灾形势稳定。全市接报火灾事故同比下降60.56%,无人员伤亡;交警部门查处各类交通违法75554起,其中酒驾59起、毒驾6起。确保全市未发生大面积、长时间交通拥堵问题,未发生重大交通事故;机场分局、温州各铁路派出所坚持领导带队上岗,确保旅客满意与安全。 (责编:张丽玮、翁迪凯)相关的主题文章: