Beijing municipal inspection teams to 12 units visited nearly 142 units in the past 3 years yo te amo

Beijing municipal inspection teams to 12 nearly 3 years visited 142 units of the original title: the municipal inspection teams from 8 to 12 JINGWAH Times News (reporter Sha Xueliang) recently, the Beijing municipal inspection teams were stationed in 36 patrol units to carry out the eleven session of the municipal Party committee, the twelfth round of inspections. This is the party to the public for the first time the total inspection rounds, showed the party before 2014 had been carried out in the 3 round of inspections. Round of inspections, the municipal inspection teams for the first time from 8 to 12, the inspection team leader also appeared in the new face of the 4. Inspection will focus on bartering Beijing city discipline inspection network 13 news release, according to the municipal unified deployment, from August 29th to September 5th, the first to the twelfth party inspection teams were stationed in the city people’s Congress organs, municipal CPPCC organs, Municipal United Front Work Department, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other 36 units are inspected, carry out the eleven Party of the twelfth round of inspections, inspection time for about 2 months. According to reports, the current round of inspections focused on the object, staring at the key minority". Focus on examination of the following conditions: one is the decision to deploy the policy, and the Central Party committee of the implementation; two is the core leadership of the party organization to play; three is the construction of the party concerned; four is to strictly implement the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities; five is the selection and appointment of six is provided; the spirit of the central eight implementation; seven is to safeguard the interests of the masses; eight is the focus of the special problems. Focus on the core work, the important functions of the discovery of special issues, adhere to what the problem is prominent, on what issues. We found that the integrity risk is prominent, the use of power to engage in money, power, transportation and other issues of interest. Nearly 3 years of inspections of 142 units since 2014, the city issued a message to the municipal patrol, all year touring round. 2014 and in 2015 launched the three rounds of municipal inspections, is currently stationed in the third round of inspections in 2016. Round of inspections released the first clear information, which is the twelfth round of inspections of the current municipal. The current round of inspections of the inspection team for the first time from 8 to 12, the use of a support in the form of the number of visits to the unit is also a new high of three. Previously, a round of inspections up to only 26 units. Over the past 3 years, the city’s annual number of visits to the city doubled: 2014 inspections of the unit in 2015, visited the 38 units in 2016, the current round of inspections has reached up to 86 units. 3 years, the city visited a total of 142 units. As of now, Beijing 201 district level units have been included in the municipal inspection list. As of the end of 2015, Beijing has been achieved on the district and municipal state-owned enterprises, financial enterprises patrol full coverage, will complete the municipal departments and universities patrol full coverage of this year. The inspection time of about 2 months. During the inspection, the inspection team set up a special duty phone and e-mail. Inspection team to accept the phone time: 9 to 18 days. The public can log on the City Commission for Discipline Inspection website () check the inspection report issued by the inspection teams stationed in the phone and e-mail. Inspection team leader appeared 4 new faces reporter noted that due to the current round of inspections increased by the inspection team of 2相关的主题文章: