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Introduction Tesa secure offers a cutting-edge alternative to conventional coding, and marking methods. The surface of Tesa secure is suitable for unique identification (UID) marking. Tesa tapes are one of the most frequently used materials for packaging of extensively shipment items. Even on difficult surfaces, these tapes offer high shear, age resistance thus ensuring safety and durability during storage and transit of items. Tesa tapes are robust, sturdy and are easy to handle. Before getting more into Tesa Secure 6973 PV 3 laser labels, lets have a brief overview about different categories of Tesa tapes available. Tesa Packaging Tapes Carton Sealing Tapes, TPP Tapes, Filament Tapes and Tear Tapes are some varieties of Tessa Packaging tapes. They are used for sealing, palletizing and better surface protection. Tesa Auxiliary Tapes Tesa Auxiliary Tapes have a wide range of usability. Paper bandoliering tapes, polyethylene/cloth based Duct tapes and transparent cellophane tapes are included under this variety. Tesa Masking Tapes This type of Tesa tapes are used for general purpose as well as for high-temperature applications. Due to their high durability, these types of tapes are frequently used in used in metal finishing, transportation, and furniture manufacturing industries. Tesa Fastening Tapes Tesa Fastening Tapes are used for temporary fastening, splicing, platemounting and permanent bonding. They are very cost-effective and reliable. Reason of Tesa Secure laser labels durability As these Tesa Secure laser are processed on low power laser markers in both CO2 and Nd:Yag wavelengths, they can withstand harsh chemicals and extreme climatic conditions. They have exceptional adhesion qualities. In addition to these, an advanced standard tamper evident design has been incorporated which prevents the label from being removed in one piece once it is applied. To resist counterfeiting or forgery, features such as embossed logos and microscripting has been introduced which provide advanced security. Unlike some other nameplate materials, these laser labels are quite inexpensive. The Tesa Secure laser labels are free of heavy metals such as asbestos and formaldehyde and thus are safe to use. Also there is organic solvents remain in these laser labels. The temperature resistant adhesive used in these labels doesnt contain any harmful acid and are safe to use. As .pared to other nameplates, these laser labels are quite durable for long lasting use. Benefits of Tesa secure Temperature resistant The Laser-engraveable Tesa secure is temperature resistant. They can withstand a temperature fluctuation from -50C to +200C or -58F to +392F. Chemical resistant Tesa Secure laser labels resistant to abrasion, oils, grease and many other chemicals. They are even tamper evident. Easily applied These laser labels can be applied easily. no rivets or screws are needed for applying onto the metal surfaces. Available in customized size Tesa Secure laser labels can be customized to any shape and size. They are also available in different colors such as black, white and silver. They can be engraved and die-cut in one easy step using Nd:YAG or CO2. Economic price Tesa Secure laser labels are durable and also very economical. They offer easy peel and stick application and hence are flexible to handle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: