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Black technology really landing! The world’s only two 2.0T power technology – Sohu owns the car car no secret [produced] several years ago, the mass of the GDI + turbo technology rendering created impressive sales, also makes the most of the consumer in the purchase of cars, look for the good oil consumption is low power " " the magic of engine technology. Today, the combination of this technology has been people’s attention from disaster caused by flooding water, pursued into worries as to reason? Heard that the exhaust emissions will be exceeded, the environment will cause adverse effects! But honestly you wouldn’t care? But the problem of infinite carbon deposition you solved it? From the development process of civil engine’s point of view, can be divided into four periods, which are " times, carburetor; direct injection manifold era, cylinder and we want to talk to the " era, the carburetor twin jet; time is the past, but also face the end of the jet manifold age period. Direct injection technology solves the problem of manifold injection to a great extent, characteristics of the realization of manifold injection combustion efficiency to achieve a significant reduction in fuel consumption, in addition, the dynamic performance will be improved to a certain degree. The problem is due to the accumulation of time and appear to the owners generally GDI engine are prone to carbon deposition, especially " maintenance needs additives; care; " in the low load cooler in idle state, the mixing effect of oil and gas in cylinder direct injection engine is not good, slow, will produce nitrogen oxides quite large, of three waycatalytic higher requirements. We need to do more to deal with higher emissions requirements, which is back to our original introduction. Is there no solution? How to use the cylinder direct injection technology to avoid its shortcomings? If the use of manifold in low load cooler idling jet, and the use of GDI in high load condition, so it is not perfect to solve this contradiction? And manifold injection has a natural self-cleaning function can inhibit most carbon intake, Why not?? Double jet seems to be a very complex thing, in fact, the manifold injection and cylinder direct injection of these two kinds of injection methods are extremely sophisticated technology, estimates that all the world’s car factory is being used before or. However, the two kinds of injection mode in the same engine, the current global production of only two, Japanese and German Volkswagen TOYOTA. Manifold + cylinder double injection combustion technology, TOYOTA is the first to eat crab manufacturers, from 86 on the BRZ naturally aspirated version of D4S dual injection technology, and then to the D4ST turbocharged version of Chinese people for having heard it many times crown models are equipped with double injection technology, the Japanese brand has always been to Wenzhongqiusheng. Absolutely is a bold approach. And from the point of view of reliability, the number of models in the current sales, there are few cases of failure to hear complaints, we can see that maturity can be guaranteed. The new crown equipped with the 2.0T engine, is currently able to TOYOTA in the Chinese market相关的主题文章: