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UnCategorized Entrepreneurs see business in a way that others do not. They enact change and are the driving force of their business. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It is the process of discovery used to combine resources in a new way that generates increased value. Entrepreneurs profit by filling a need that most did not realize was there. Through imagination and innovation, new products are created. This is the basis for capitalism. They take advantage of perceived opportunities and have a positive outlook on life. For entrepreneurs, owning and running their own business is the epitome of the American Dream. Entrepreneurs, in the most traditional sense, are creators. Though the term small business owner is often used interchangeably with entrepreneurship, there are significant differences in perspective and in the way the business is run. Small business owners work for themselves, but keep the same processes and income streams that are familiar to them. Successful small businesses build profit slowly, often over the course of several years. They take few risks and change slowly, regardless of economic and industry conditions. Entrepreneurs create wealth quickly. They run their business by seizing opportunities as they see them and by developing their own processes to create revenue streams. The mentality behind true entrepreneurship is that the greater the risk, the larger the payoff. The innovation that exists in this type of venture is driven by passion and purpose. Everything they do is with clear intent and focus. They have a plan and know what it takes to enact the plan, every step of the way. Entrepreneurs are confident and persistent. Nothing will deter them from their goals. If they experience setbacks, they take responsibility for them, and push on. This passion draws people and resources. They attract like-minded individuals and are usually friends with other business owners. Entrepreneurship is all about getting things done. The business owner often feels that to get things done right, they need to be directly involved in all aspects for the business, all of the time. They have not learned the art of delegation. If something is going on in the business that they don’t know about, they assume the worst. Despite the fact that entrepreneurs take the time to hire highly skilled, confident people, they are frequently driven away by the controlling owners. Following the line of thought that entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes, delegating is a task that is the most difficult for them to learn. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: