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But delicious dumplings dumplings and dumplings – letinous edodes – Sohu as a traditional Chinese food, also is a part of Chinese culture. When we get together, we should eat dumplings. When we entertain guests, we should also eat dumplings. There is an old saying in China, which is called "delicious dumplings."." In the custom of the lunar solar terms, from the beginning of the beginning of the month, it is necessary to eat dumplings, and many festivals, can not be separated from dumplings. In the past, mainly as a food festival dumplings, and now as long as it is not difficult to eat in the supermarket, there are many, but I love it yourself package, fresh and free collocation to meet with their families. Today to prepare meat stuffing with letinous edodes to do a "letinous edodes collocation, Sam sun dumplings", in order to make it more delicious, I joined the soup flavor Bora fresh, so not too much seasoning can let you eat very delicious dumplings. The bottom of the dumplings and fry until golden, can be started, when the brown crisp dumplings, stuffing and juicy, delicious bite, immediately into my heart, really sweet… [letinous edodes] raw materials: meat stuffing dumplings dumplings soup Bao letinous edodes powder ginger cooking wine soy sauce pepper sesame oil salt production: 1 prepare raw materials; 2 dumpling flour add a little salt, then add the right amount of water and 3 surface; and the dough into a smooth dough, covered with plastic wrap on Xing twenty minutes; add ginger at the end, soy sauce, cooking wine, soup treasure, pepper and salt in 4 meat stuffing mix, marinate for five minutes; 5 to add letinous edodes Ding, add a little water soaked letinous edodes; 6 stir standby; 7 knead dough into small pieces and then pulled, roll into a wafer; 8 good modulation the meat stuffing in the middle of the circular sheet will round edge pinch; 9 dumplings ready for standby; 10 hot pot, put a little oil, put dumplings, fry, add not just over the bottom The Ministry of water; 11 with the fire to boil, turn a small fire, and cook for two or three minutes, observe, until no water; 12 open cover, then a small fire slowly fry until golden bottom; 13 deployment of its own unique Zhanliao, eat. Tips: 1 face and add a little salt, so cooked dumpling skin is not easy to break; the flour and water ratio is about 1:0.5; 2 to add a little salt and other meat stuffing seasonings, stir in letinous edodes Ding, can mix the water into the filling point of letinous edodes global mix, so it will be a little soup to eat stuffing 3; fried dumplings, first hot pot, pour point oil, the first fried dumplings, add appropriate amount of water, cover and cook; observe, no water, just opened the lid, small fire slowly fried to the bottom of the golden. (source of this article, Jie Jie, author: Si Jiali)相关的主题文章: