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UnCategorized Labor management is usually the largest single cost for conveyor and self-service car wash operations. And in a recession, efficient employee scheduling and attendance monitoring for the carwash business can spell the difference between survival and success of the business. As many operators know, employee scheduling and attendance management is not as easy as it first appears. To properly manage staff members, you must constantly monitor employees with varying skill sets and availability, manage time off requests, .municate a schedule that changes frequently to employees that are almost never onsite at the same time, and handle dozens of schedule questions or shift trade and shift swap requests. You also have to prevent employees from riding the clock or punching other staff members in. You may even have to monitor staff who are minors, or move shifts around to be sure that every shift has an English speaker or that an employee with particular training is on hand. To have a successful business in the carwash and detailing industry, you have to balance your staff members and the load level scheduling – ensuring that the right staff members are in place to handle the vehicles quickly during busy periods, but not be overstaffed during slow periods – all while effectively managing and anticipating accurate labor costs. Employee scheduling and staff management software (also known as labor management software) allows operators to cut carwash employee scheduling and attendance management time from hours to minutes. Managers and operators can manage schedules at one or many stores, schedule to put employees with particular skills or the most experienced employees into high volume time slots, send schedule changes by email or text message, notify staff members of work schedules, monitor time and attendance from a remote location (see who is clocked in), forecast store sales, and identify potential labor cost expenses, and much more! The hours you save with online employee scheduling and time and attendance systems will streamline your management time, freeing you to focus on the strategic decisions of running a successful carwash/detailing operation, rather than phone calls from disgruntled employees who didn’t realize their schedule had changed. The fine-tuning you can do with employee scheduling, the reduction in missed or late shifts, the decrease in unnecessary overtime, and the ability to forecast labor needs and costs will save you money. In fact, labor management software for your carwash business can increase profits by 3-5%. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: