Caring For A King Parrot–5 Royal Duties-bleep

UnCategorized As exotic birds go, the King Parrot is perhaps one of the most visually striking and resplendent birds with full red or green-headed plumage. And in order to ensure its longevity, you will need to bear the following 5 points in mind. 1. Clean the Cage Daily–Making sure your King’s cage is cleaned daily, given fresh food, provided with fresh, clean drinking water should be the basis of your good care. This is important as your bird is particularly susceptible to Bacillus infection which is fatal in nearly 100% of cases regardless of treatment from the veterinarian. 2. Provide Physical and Mental Stimulation– Keep your bird healthy both physically and mentally by providing different types of toys that offer mental and physical challenge. These should in no way replace daily human interaction. This is a pet that will require a large amount of your time on a regular basis. But your reward will be a friendly and responsive .panion, as well as one who is in good health both physically and mentally. 3. Feed a Nutritious Diet–They enjoy quite a wide range of foods, so be sure to provide a diet that is interesting visually, texturally, and yummy in taste. This will not help in his general health or appearance. Organic foods are best because they are grown without the use of pesticides and are just plain tastier. In the wild they eat nuts, berries, as seeds and fruits. Vary the food types, and make him really love you by offering him little treats occasionally. Particularly good for these birds are sprouted seeds which continue to provide different nutrients each day as they grow and are eaten by your bird. This is one of the best ways to provide an abundance of nutrients. Offer fresh or previously frozen vegetables and fruits daily, augment with a high quality pellet mix plus grains, pasta and other leafy vegetables. Avoid avocado, chocolate, foods high in sugar and salt, and drinks with alcohol and caffeine. These can all prove to be fatal to your bird. It’s fine to offer your King Parrot a piece of sponge cake, a biscuit or a slice of bread occasionally, but do be careful about over doing treats. If you coddle your parrot too much with treats and fancy items its health will deteriorate rapidly and it may even lead to premature death. 4. Offer Privacy for Breeding– Because this is a remarkably easy-going bird with a very gentle nature, you can easily keep it in an aviary with other birds, especially small ones. However, if you have paired your King Parrot with a Queen Parrot in the hope of breeding, this arrangement is unlikely to work. Surprisingly, considering the regal name, they are extremely shy birds, and will find the inquisitive and prying nature of other birds rather dampening when it .es to sorting out their private domestic arrangements! If you are hoping for your pair to breed, they will require rather more privacy than you might otherwise expect. 5. Control the Temperature–Despite their Australian origins, they generally dislike the heat, and will not do well if it’s too hot. And keeping them indoors can often result in a significantly diminished life expectancy. It is far better to build an aviary or large cage outside, as long as you make sure that it is well sheltered from cold and damp, built soundly, and limits drafts. With the right diet, careful and regular cage cleaning, a good outdoor aviary and an awareness of individual preferences, the King Parrot will reward you with its gentle and amiable character, brilliant plumage and cheerful nature for many years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: