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The Central Civilization Office released in September "China good list" – Beijing Changsha Xinhua (reporter Liu Liangheng) in September 30, the central civilization office 30 days in Hunan city of Xiangtan province held the national moral models and side good spot exchange activities, and to the society was released September "China good list". The 102 is full of sense of the times, full of positive energy around the good glorious list, add bright colors for the 67 anniversary of the national day. The list of Chinese good people around the moral star. As Xu Zuyao Shanghai has donated millions of old fellow own dwelling from the poor, Zhejiang paper-cut master Xie talent built Art Museum offering free countries, Liaoning express brother Liang Shuxin bloody zhuizei body 4 knife still does not let go, Jiangsu sixty woman sun Zhixiu regardless of old and infirm save lives drowning children, the barber of Henan Wang Chengjian did not forget the early heart keep promise 1 yuan barber for 25 years, Hebei "crutches" doctor Lu Zhijun adhere to the grassroots practice for 35 years, Shandong party secretary Liu Changfa led the two poor villages to get rich, Hubei retired teacher Chen people write a million words of history education textbooks…… They or helping others, or courageous, or honesty, or dedication, or filial love the old, is a typical example, the people around the eyes, is China spirit, Chinese value, China power vividly. In Xiangtan event, Yang Huaibao, Susan, Yang Wenqin, Zheng Zikun, Zhou Baolian, Ma Chi Tashi, moral model and Chinese man and all walks of life on behalf of the exchange interaction, their simple words, stories and noble spirit touched the audience deeply, a lot of tears. We think, to participate in such activities are encouraged on the eve of national day, these good people in ordinary life accumulate a bit of good deeds, small family homes, everyone, for the country, they are one of us, their feelings touching, worthy to learn. It is understood that, in September, I recommend my comments around good people received a total of more than 1 million 140 thousand users of good deeds and good clues, more than 38 million views. Countless good people and the times model, moral model, the most beautiful people together constitute a group of stars and the bright stars of the overall pattern of advanced groups, showing the contemporary Chinese moral style.相关的主题文章: