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UnCategorized Earlier this month we saw the launch of the new Canon multifunction printer. It is one of a series of new releases that the company hopes will place it at the head of the market for all-in-one devices. However they face a difficult environment. Here in the UK we have been slow to adopt all-in-one printers. While the continent have embraced them with open arms we are still holding back, wary of the high prices. However market experts believe that will change. As costs reduce we will gradually feel comfortable with the new technology and when we do the value of that market will be considerable. Manufacturers are therefore jostling to be at the head of the field when buying picks up. The Canon Multifunction printer is aiming for head of the class status. It provides printing, scanning and copying services all neatly packed within a single device. It also incorporates wireless technology meaning computers can connect to it from anywhere in the office. As part of the ongoing streamlining process of the entire office environment Canon believes it can turn itself into the market leader by offloading a barrage of new products. However, they do have competition. The HP Deskjet F4480 traditionally scores well in user reviews. It offers multiple functions such as printing, scanning and copying but at a reasonably good price. Print speeds may be a little down on other competitors, but it does its job well. Already it is becoming a big hit with students who need the functions, but have limited space. Consumers are becoming more cautious. They are willing to pay high prices, but for that they want products to prove their value. A large corporation with its high marketing overheads will always be vulnerable to a more nimble competitor who can do the same for less. The Canon Multifunction printer will face tough competition from another major player in the field, Kodac. Its devices promise high end performance and low end cost. It’s a compelling combination and will work for a lot of customers. Despite all the buzz surrounding the launch, the challenge facing anyone hoping to market the Canon Multifunction printer is stark and simple. In a complicated market, they have to somehow find a niche. That means a range of products designed to meet different needs: namely those at the top end of the market who are willing to pay top dollar for high performance and those who may want something cheaper. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: