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Home-and-Family Can you believe that the home refrigerator or freezer has been around for nearly 200 years? Of course, today’s models have little in common with their ancient ancestors and in fact, freezers and fridges continue to evolve with the changing lifestyle of the consumer. You can find these appliances in the home or commercial food establishment around the world. You could say that the refrigerator and freezer is one of the single most important appliances you can own. Refrigerators and freezers have become a staple item in most households, in the US alone at least 99.5% of all homes use them to preserve food for longer periods of time. The first refrigerator and freezer were invented in Germany around 1876 by Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde. You must wonder if he considered the fundamental uses of the devices when he began experimenting with methyl ether and later ammonia as cooling substances with the early units. Specific temperatures are required for varying types of food, if you want to preserve them properly. For example, low sugar foods will freeze at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. However, sugary foods such as ice cream often need to be kept at temperatures below 5 degrees if you want it to remain solid and not a shake! The rule of thumb is the lower the temperature in your freezer the longer you can expect to keep food preserved. From humble beginnings, the market rapidly began to expand for these modern conveniences. As they became more and more popular, different brands and models became available for the discerning consumer to choose from. Maytag is among the first of these manufacturers to focus on styles and features that keep things cool but also appeal to the average consumer. This corporation was founded in 1893 by Fredrick Maytag and has since built a reputation for building beautiful appliances that offer durability and long standing performance. Big changes have been implemented over the last few years due to growing environmental concerns. People became more conscious of the need for conservation and preservation of this great planet. High energy consuming appliances were revamped to cut down on the use of fossil fuels and those carrying ozone damaging chemicals on board such as Chlorofluorocarbon or hydroflourocarbon have been re-engineered. Today you will be hard pressed to find appliances that carry these toxic substances. For example, the Bosch refrigerator or freezer has been made completely environment friendly. You can now purchase and use one of these units without worrying about global warming and pollution. If you are still wondering about the safety of using this brand you should know they received the 2009 Best Domestic Appliance. Bosche has sound ecological principles at the heart of their redesign and a United Kingdom based product testing organization recognized them for their efforts. What does all this mean for the modern homeowner? Today you have newer and indeed better options in appliances such as the freezer or refrigerator than ever before. You of course may choose your appliances with a little less attention to engineering and the environment and more on whether the brand and appliance has a good record of accomplishment of preserving your food! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: