Changsha 12 subway lines will be built in the future with 6 backbone lines and the addition of 6 lin

Changsha will be built in the future 12 subway lines with 6 backbone lines and 6 line of Changsha evening news (reporter Chen Huanming correspondent Zhou Liying Quan Hong) yesterday morning, in the Changsha Metro Line 4 Light Station underground, "steel shield 5" shield machine built by drilling, hydropower eight bureau of Changsha Metro Line 4 the two section of the first shield machine in the light station right line smooth origin, which marks the east section of Metro Line 4 entered the shield construction stage, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of the overall goal of the metro line 4. On the same day, the Changsha Municipal Rail Transit group for the first time on the Changsha subway network planning authoritative interpretation, the future will be built in Changsha 12 subway lines, a total length of 456 km. Planning: Changsha will build 12 km total mileage of 456 kilometers, I would like to repair the subway station in the end?" "When does subway line 3, line 4 open?" A lot of people on the subway line is full of questions, Changsha in the end how many subway to repair, the line in the end is how to plan it? According to the Changsha subway published information display, Changsha subway network program consists of 12 lines, with a total size of 456 km. The 1-6 line is the backbone line, 7-12 line for line; 1-10 line for urban lines, city express respectively the line 11 and line 12. On the basis of network planning, the national development and Reform Commission in 2009 and 2012 for approval by the Changsha city rapid rail transit construction planning 2008-2015 and 2012-2018 rounds of construction planning, building 1, 2, 3 to 4, line 5 and line 2 extension phase 6 lines. In 2016, the third rail transportation planning and construction has entered the pre approval stage, 2016-2022 years, will build 2 new routes, 5 extension line. So far, the construction of rail transit network and three rounds of basic planning, the overall layout of Changsha rail transit, timing advance, the blueprint for the initial construction of the node on the. Changsha rail transit in the future will play a more active role in alleviating the pressure of urban traffic, promoting economic development and improving the quality of the city. Changsha will be built in the future development of the 12 subway lines: 4 line 24 construction site has been in full swing of the shield machine from the light station right line. Through the Liuyang River, arrived at the train station Changsha plan in May 2017. At the same time, the left line of the shield light station will also be at the end of the month, the interval lane drifting lidar station to Changsha train station. According to the eight hydropower Changsha Metro Line 4 two section 14 area deputy project manager Qin Kunyuan introduced 4 lines in crossing the Liuyang River in the process with the existing line 2 parallel, located in No. 2 tunnel 13.5 meters north of the position, from the bottom of about 8 meters, across the Liuyang River, but also wearing a red road viaduct bridge. The light station is among the first phase project of line 4 station, Cheng Du Jia Ping Station, the train station Changsha." Qin Kunyuan, Huang Xing lidar station is located in Changsha County Liuyang town east of the river, adjacent to the existing Metro Line 2 light station, 471.2 meters long, 2 floors underground, standing on the ground and Route 2 interchange lidar, June next year is expected to achieve the completion of the main. Subway.相关的主题文章: