Children in the hands of the stars children with autism in Dalian close to the sea world ghost observer

In the "children of the stars": Dalian autistic children close to the ocean world – Beijing "children of the stars" hit the ocean world. Zhang Tengfei photo Beijing, September 19 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) September 19th, Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World ushered in a special group of children from Dalian, more than 30 autistic children and their parents came to the Dalian Sun Asia ocean world free feel beautiful fantasy world of the sea. As the "2016 bubble run – Dalian Railway Station" large-scale activities in a special public action, the event aims to deliver a healthy and positive attitude towards life to all people in this way, and called on the community to focus on children with autism, "stars" give more love. It is understood that autism is also known as autism, autism is caused by disorders of the nervous system development disorders, currently in the medical community is still unable to provide effective drug treatment. Approaching nature, contact with animals, is a kind of intervention education, is one of the ways to treat children with autism. 9:30, more than 30 autistic children and their parents, in the organization of staff and volunteers, orderly access to the museum. The "stars" who visited 118 meters under the sea channel, close intimate polar adorable pet, watch the beautiful coral world, and watched the "Puerto Galera love" and "Kung Fu" walrus show. "Baby, listen to the sound of a dolphin!" Professional staff to guide the children to visit a number of attractions, let the children experience the wonders of the ocean. Accompanied by the child came to watch the show’s parents told reporters that their children is an autistic person, to play Ocean Park has been a child’s wish. "Close contact with marine life, children and parents are very happy, through this visit, they also feel the community’s care for children with autism." Organizers expressed the hope that through this event, to arouse the attention of the whole society for autistic children, deepen the understanding of the community of children with autism. As an ordinary person, should not be treated as an object of pity for autistic people, should achieve mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual concern between autistic patients and ordinary people. It is understood that the 2016 bubble ran – Dalian Railway Station will be said 25 days in Dalian Sports Center will be held in 9, through the activities of Dalian City Center for autism support love sparks of fire. (end)相关的主题文章: