China test 500 m in diameter of the world’s largest telescope leading the world for 20 years (Figure imjpmig

China test 500 m in diameter of the world’s largest telescope leading the world for 20 years (Figure) Guizhou FAST will be completed in September according to Science Daily reported on February 28th (reporter Li Jianrong), the reporter from the February 26th meeting of the 2016 Guizhou · big data cloud; investment talent recruitment (Beijing) meeting to promote, the world’s largest diameter spherical radio telescope in Guizhou Pingtang county (FAST) will be completed in September this year and start early science observation, the overall debugging will begin in May 2016. At present, FAST has begun to observe and generate test data temporarily. Vice chairman of the CPPCC Guizhou Province, deputy head, big data industry development leading group deputy director of committee of experts of Guizhou province big data professor Xie Xiaoyao told Technology Daily reporter, FAST data about 5TB daily, these data should be kept for more than 10 years, so the processing and storage of data is very large. Xie Xiaoyao said, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Astronomical Observatory of Guizhou Normal University to build FAST early scientific data center has been built and run, has received the FAST scene from the first observation data, data analysis and processing work is being carried out, the research results will feedback the project site, guide FAST parameter correction, calibration. It is understood that FAST is the largest and most powerful single antenna radio telescope being built in the world. After completion, FAST will remain world class in the next 20 years. The main goal of FAST is to detect distant signal and the matter in the universe, in carrying out from the origin to the study on the structure of the interstellar material, dark pulsars and other faint radio sources, to carry out a major breakthrough for the efficient search of extraterrestrial life search rational aspects of science and technology.

中国测试500米口径世界最大望远镜 领先世界20年(图)   贵州的FAST将于9月完工   据科技日报2月28日报道(记者李建荣),记者从2月26日召开的2016云上贵州·大数据招商引智(北京)推介会上了解到,位于贵州平塘县的世界最大口径球面射电望远镜(FAST)将于今年9月完工并开始早期科学观测,整体调试将于2016年5月开始。目前,FAST已开始临时观测和产生测试数据。   贵州省政协副主席、省大数据产业发展领导小组副组长、贵州省大数据专家咨询委员会副主任谢晓尧教授告诉科技日报记者,FAST每日产生数据在5TB左右,这些海量的数据要保留10年以上,因此对数据的处理和存储要求非常大。   谢晓尧透露,中科院国家天文台和贵州师范大学共建的FAST早期科学数据中心已建成并开始运行,已经接收到FAST现场传来的第一批观测测试数据,数据分析处理工作正在开展,研究分析结果将反馈工程现场,指导FAST参数矫正、定标。   据了解,FAST是世界上正在建造的口径最大、最具威力的单天线射电望远镜。建成后FAST将在未来20年内保持世界一流地位。   FAST的主要目标是探测宇宙中的遥远信号和物质,在开展从宇宙起源到星际物质结构的探讨、对暗弱脉冲星及其他暗弱射电源的搜索、高效率开展对地外理性生命的搜索等方面实现科学和技术的重大突破。相关的主题文章: