China’s largest air force exercises 30 Soviet missile drill attack Patriot visualboyadvance

The air force Chinese largest military exercises launched missile attack drills 30 Soviet patriot observer network [] in recent years, the PLA Air Force joint exercises in the northwest desert often held by foreign media were compared with the "red flag" exercises, is considered to be the world one of the highest degree of combat simulation, the largest air force joint exercises. 14, in the "Chinese network" reported that in November 10th this year, the air force exercises against the system, "red" military network public exercise in the picture, we can see the exercise in the use of the air force, including air marshals -500 the latest models in the exercise. You can see from the photos, the exercise simulated use live fire to destroy enemy air defense system of the drill, an enemy may be the eastern theater of the main battle direction southeast of the island power Patriot air defense system. In November 10th, against the eastern theater air dozens of troops in the northwest desert in the air force organization "red" system, organization of various types of aircraft and ground radar, to guide the strength of cooperation, jointly study and training, joint reconnaissance firepower and joint air defense combat troops training, further combat capability. System confrontation, multi fighter aircraft off the enemy, shocking scene. In the figure below is a division of the eastern theater f -11B fighter, and is on the right side of the screen slide is a su -30MKK multirole fighter magnified the machine is visible just after landing, the inlet below the wing and medial rack with Russian Kh-31 or domestic Eagle -91 anti radiation missile, wingtip carry self-defense electronic countermeasures pod, obviously this is a su -30MKK live fire carrying after the remaining ammunition landing, which shows the characteristics of the exercise height close to the liberation army equipment Kh-31 anti radiation missile combat (map) of typical target in the eastern theater air launched anti radiation missile…… In the exercise of the f -10 fighter, see boom -6K bombers in the exercise of the 500 AWACS air marshals is taxiing the AWACS air marshals -500 also Airport相关的主题文章: