China’s trust assets entering the 16 trillion era-spyair

China’s trust assets into the "16 trillion era", China securities network data show that, as of the end of 2015, the trust asset size of the country’s 68 trust companies management is 16 trillion and 300 billion yuan. China Trust industry has stepped into the "16 trillion Yuan era" since then". According to the Economic Information Daily reported on February 24th, with the economic downturn, the stock market fluctuations frequently shocks, trust industry in 2015 made a fairly satisfactory answer. China Trust Industry Association recently released data show that as of the end of 2015, the trust asset size of the country’s 68 trust companies management is 16 trillion and 300 billion yuan. China Trust industry has stepped into the "16 trillion Yuan era" since then". In 2015, the whole industry transformation began to take effect, and the matching of capital supply side and asset demand side increased continuously. However, the growth rate of trust assets in 2015 was significantly lower than that of 2014 28.14%. Data show that by the end of 2015, the trust asset size of 68 trust companies in the country is 16 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 16.60% compared with the end of 2014, compared with the growth rate of 28.14% in 2014 decreased significantly. At the end of 2015, the trust industry achieved operating income of 117 billion 606 million yuan, an increase of 23.15% compared with 2014 yuan at the end of 95 billion 495 million, an increase of 27.27% compared with the 3 quarter of 2015. The trust industry also maintained a growth momentum. At the end of 2015, the trust industry realized profits of 75 billion 59 million yuan, 64 billion 230 million yuan over the end of 2014 the growth of 16.86%. In this regard, Fudan University professor Yin Xingmin director of the trust research center said that in 2015 the scale of trust assets in the 16 trillion yuan mark, the restructuring of the industry on the results, the business structure is becoming more rational, transaction management and investment function significantly enhanced the ability to significantly enhance the active management of assets, the money supply side and demand side, increasing the degree of assets, and laid a good the foundation for the trust industry in 2016 the supply side structural reform under the background of the new development and deep adjustment. It is noteworthy that at the end of 2015, the number of risk items in trust industry was 464, and the scale of assets was 97 billion 300 million yuan, which was 11 billion yuan less than that of 108 billion 300 million yuan at the end of the third quarter, a decrease of 10.16%. In the risk project of 97 billion 300 million yuan, the proportion of collective trust is 61%, and the proportion of single trust is 37%. Corresponding to 16 trillion and 300 billion yuan of trust asset size, the bad rate was 0.6%, slightly lower than the end of the 3 quarter of 0.69%. With the expansion of the trust industry’s capital strength and the implementation of the trust fund, the trust industry risk can be controlled as a whole, and there will be no systemic risk." Yin Xingmin expresses. Yin Xingmin suggested, on the one hand, trust companies should attach great importance to the transformation of the Internet, trust, trust, trust, family consumption consumption platform to raise public art trust, PPP project, asset securitization, industry funds, private equity investment trust business, individual account management, overseas asset allocation and other aspects of innovation, new impetus for the trust industry. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

我国信托资产跨入“16万亿时代”   中国证券网讯 数据显示,截至2015年末,全国68家信托公司管理的信托资产规模为16.30万亿元。中国信托业自此跨入了“16万亿元时代”。   据经济参考报2月24日报道,伴随经济下行、股市汇市频繁波动的冲击,2015年信托业交上了还算满意的答卷。中国信托业协会最新发布数据显示,截至2015年末,全国68家信托公司管理的信托资产规模为16.30万亿元。中国信托业自此跨入了“16万亿元时代”。2015年全行业转型初露成效,资金供给端与资产需求端匹配度不断提高。但2015年信托业资产增速较2014年28.14%的增速下降明显。   数据显示,2015年末,全国68家信托公司管理的信托资产规模为16.30万亿元,较2014年末同比增长16.60%,较2014年28.14%的增速下降明显。2015年末,信托业实现营业收入1176.06亿元,较2014年末的954.95亿元同比增长23.15%,较2015年3季度环比增长27.27%。而信托业利润也保持了增长势头。2015年末信托业实现利润750.59亿元,较2014年末的642.30亿元增长16.86%。   对此,复旦大学信托研究中心主任殷醒民教授表示,2015年信托资产规模跨入“16万亿元”大关,行业转型初露成效,业务结构日趋合理,事务管理和投资功能显著增强,资产主动管理能力明显提升,资金供给端与资产需求端匹配度不断提高,为2016年供给侧结构性改革条件下信托行业的新发展和深层次调整奠定了良好的基础。   值得关注的是,2015年末信托业的风险项目个数为464个,资产规模为973亿元,比第3季度末的1083亿元减少110亿元,环比下降10.16%。在973亿元的风险项目中,其中集合类信托占比为61%,单一类信托占比为37%。   “对应16.30万亿元的信托资产规模,不良率为0.6%,比3季度末的0.69%略有下降。随着信托业资本实力的扩充和信托保障基金的实施,信托行业风险整体可控,不会发生系统性风险。”殷醒民表示。   殷醒民建议,一方面,信托公司要高度重视转型,在互联网信托、家族信托、消费信托、消费众筹平台、艺术品信托、PPP项目、资产证券化、产业基金、私募股权投资信托业务、单独账户管理、海外资产配置等方面进行创新,为信托业注入新动力。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: