Comment look back to 9.18, this is a new network will never stop for 85 years –

Comment: This is going back in 9.18, never stop for 85 years — Beijing eighty-five years ago today, outside Shanhaiguan, willow lake, tearing peace with a bang, a broken, started a national tragic history of painful; eighty-five years later, in the Great Wall, on both sides of the Changjiang River, broke the silence the shrill alarm, to remind people not to forget the great teaching, the difficult past. Li Dazhao in the "national crisis vs heroic nation" wrote, "history of the road will not be smooth, sometimes go to the hardships and dangers realm, this is thanks to vigorous spirit can surmount." If there is a kind of experience, can become the common memory of the whole nation, then no doubt, 918 incident, outrageously provocative magnificent rivers and mountains devastated the streets of Nanjing, the blood, will become the people living in this land of the unforgettable history. Pronto, eighty-five years. We commemorate, not to perpetuate hatred, but to arouse the people of every kind longing for peace and stick; not just for the memory of the martyrs, but to live in the moment to remember our ancestors suffering experience of a nation from the sink to the revival of complete glad and sad events; not only for the forget, is to more calm and confident tomorrow. This is eighty-five years of hardships, the All sufferings have their reward. Once suffer hunger and cold and desperate northeast volunteer will not think, six years after the cold war was filled to near Chinese throughout; that group in front, hidden in the bloody Anti Japanese enemy warriors would not think that long-awaited victory bugle took fourteen years. As Comrade Mao Zedong pointed out, this is the "wonders of the history of the war, the Chinese nation’s great feat, shaking heaven and earth". This is eighty-five years ahead, never stop. From the national revolution to fire smoke of vital importance, and to firmly calmly reform period, China in the way never halt, always in "towards a no one can predict the future." Tiananmen on the stand of the declaration, the South China Sea, painted a circle opened the open era, so that once had a luxury life is no longer distant. This is eighty-five years, the ups and downs of the roaring waves. From the loose International Alliance of weakness, to establish the Yalta system polarization, and then to today’s trend of multi polarization, peace and development has gradually become the mainstream; China economic rise from recession to recovery to the world economy, in the treacherous and unpredictable in fine scenery; China from breaking down to defeat the social transformation and growth has been in the row upon row of, occurrence. "To shame, lack of knowledge and forge ahead." Eighty-five years ago, the weak China black fog, by the imperialist cruel ruthless trample, capitalist fangs wantonly coveted, China dream no place; and after eighty-five years, the sunnylands estate trail, Buckinghamshire, near the village pub, the West Lake G20 summit, the world is from "western governance" toward the "West common governance" quietly change. But the world is still a complex field. From the sleeping lion’s fear, to let the wanton slaughter a lamb, also just.相关的主题文章: