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College-University Critical Reasoning is part and parcel of Logical Reasoning section of CAT. This includes Para-completion which is an important part of critical reasoning questions. Since it is more inclined towards verbal ability, an aspirant with better command over VA will be better equipped to solve such problems. This type of question comes with an incomplete paragraph, leaving the last line, which is required to be opted out of the four alternative concluding statements, given as possible answers, to complete the paragraph in the most appropriate way. CAT began with such questions in 2005, creating a great deal of confusion among the CAT aspirants as all the options appeared quite close to one another. But a good understanding of the text, idea and tone of the author can lead you to the correct answer. You may expect two questions based on completion of a paragraph which would give you an edge of six marks and might improve your percentile by 12 to 15. Completion of a paragraph is nothing but a test of your comprehension skills. However, knowing well that CAT is always full of surprises and the difficulty level is rather high, you should be aware how to attempt such questions with some tips beforehand. 1. Understanding the unity and coherence in the paragraph is a must. Beginning of the paragraph may well provide a lead to its topic and tone. The paragraph develops its main body by discussing the details and facts. Try to link the sentences by spotting the key words and logical arguments. 2. Identify the gist of the paragraph by following the thread of thought (steps cited above). What to do now: 1. Read the first sentence of the paragraph, it has got the tone and idea to proceed to main body of paragraph 2. Find out the main points and main idea in the paragraph while giving it a thoughtful reading. If you are unable to decide the main points importance wise check whether the point you have chosen has due relevance to your reading. 3. Think carefully now, what should close the paragraph 4. Choose the most appropriate option-the option that concludes the paragraph, instead of taking it to some other thought, idea, action or any other domain 5. Mark the answer Exercises and CAT Questions: Let us discuss some of the questions that appeared in CAT and other sample questions- Question -1 CAT question Directions for question Following question has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way. Relations between the factory and the dealer are distant and usually strained as the factory tries to force cars on the dealers to smooth out production. Relations between the dealer and the customer are equally strained because dealers continuously adjust prices make deals to adjust demand with supply while maximizing profits. This becomes a system marked by a lack of long term commitment on either side, which maximizes, feelings or mistrust. In order to maximize their bargaining positions, everyone holds back information the dealer about the product and the consumer about his true desires. A. As a result deal making becomes rampant, without concern for customer satisfaction. B. As a result, inefficiencies creept into the supply chain. C. As a result everyone treats the other as an adversary, rather than as an ally. D. As a result, fundamental innovations are becoming scarce in the automobile industry. E. As a result, everyone loses in the long run 1.A 2. B 3. C 4. D 5.E Ans. 5.E All other are problems because of reasons mentioned. So the Result signifies if it does not get solved every one loses. The author of this article Mr S K Agarwal is a CAT Expert, a seasoned CAT trainer with over 25 years of experience, & author of many CAT books. He also guides Verbal Ability Section to CAT Aspirants through online coaching classes. offers a comprehensive preparation package coupled with over 200 online interactive classes with Top CAT experts including from IIMs for CAT 2013 preparation Visit the link below for more information and new batch schedules: ..mbauniverse../mba-exam-preparation/CAT_Preparation/mba_preparation_package.php 相关的主题文章: