[daily ball]12 day NBA injury Rubio close to comeback aapt.exe

Every day, NBA]12 [surplus ball indisponibili: Rubio is very close on Sunday November 13th 11 NBA games, the Spurs, clippers, wizards, Nicks and Toronto 10 teams back to back injury, please pay close attention to changes in Saturday’s game today. The injury of the current situation, Miami, Celtic, and Denver’s injury need to pay attention to. San Antonio has not heard clearly injury news, but Parke and Danny Green have injury problems this season, the team also need to be cautious to. Miami, guard de Rakic sprained his ankle on a war against Utah, back into doubt; sir, guard George – Hill finger injuries unknown, Dior and Boakes are definitely missed because of injury; Denver, Wilson – Chandler close, Barton, Wei and Arthur sidelined. The Celtics, Horford return undecided, Claude estimated to be back in a week. The forest wolf, it is reported that Rubio has been training and a possible comeback against the Clippers in the war against the nets; Jeremy Lin, a hamstring strain, also estimated to return next week; the wizards, Bill is also a hamstring strain, and missed today with the Knights battle, fighting bulls are expected to continue for tomorrow. Toronto, Varin Hugh Nath and Terrence Ross have returned, Lin Jie and rookie Wright two old wounded out. Scan two-dimensional code download attention to send more data and expert recommendation

[天天盈球]12日NBA伤停:卢比奥接近复出   11月13日周日的11场NBA比赛里面,马刺、奇才、快船、尼克斯和猛龙等10支球队背靠背,伤停变化请密切关注今天周六的比赛。目前的伤病情况来看,热火、凯尔特人、和掘金的伤病需要格外关注。马刺尚未传出明确伤停消息,但是帕克和丹尼-格林本季都有伤病麻烦,球队背靠背也需谨慎观望。   热火方面,主力控卫德拉季奇上一战扭伤脚踝,迎战爵士复出成疑;爵士方面,主力控卫乔治-希尔手指受伤情况不明,迪奥和博克斯则因伤铁定缺阵;掘金方面,威尔森-钱德勒接近复出,威尔-巴顿和亚瑟继续缺阵。凯尔特人方面,霍福德归期未定,克劳德估计要到下周复出。   森林狼方面,据悉卢比奥已经参加训练,颇有可能在与快船一战中复出;篮网防,林书豪腿筋拉伤,估计还要到下周复出;奇才方面,比尔也是腿筋拉伤,并错过了今天与骑士一战,明天交战公牛预计继续缺阵。猛龙方面,瓦兰修纳斯和泰伦斯-罗斯都已经回归,萨林杰和新秀莱特两个老伤号缺阵。    扫描关注下载二维码 送更多数据和专家推荐相关的主题文章: