Decline in the performance of the remuneration of Huatai Securities Sales staff to shrink the street

The decline in performance salary shrunk Huatai Securities Sales Staff "street" dissatisfied with the hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu August 29th, Huatai Securities employees "street" on the expression of the company the salary system adjustment of dissatisfaction, "First Financial Daily" reporters from Huatai Securities, an insider confirmed, is part of the marketing staff in Guangzhou, their views on the new evaluation system and take the extreme way. The source said, the current public security personnel have been involved in processing". The company abide by the law and self-discipline, legitimate business, for the parties to express the aspirations of our company will always solve the problem within the framework of the law. At the same time, the malicious slander, slander, words and deeds, will retain the right to pursue legal responsibilities." For the pay adjustment brought about by the storm, said Huatai Securities August 29th evening in response to the "First Financial Daily" interview with reporters, the company marketing personnel and smooth communication mechanism, pay attention to business demands first feedback, assessment and follow the principles of fair and open on legal compliance based on win-win, achieve the company, customers and personal development. This reporter learned from Thailand, in June this year the company issued "on the issuance of the marketing personnel management system and measures (2016 Amendment) Notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the main content is the basic file management marketing personnel system, customer management, manager performance broker of performance management. Revised. Specifically, including the financial manager into account manager, cooperative agent into the target agent; adjustment of the evaluation index, the brokerage business headquarters can adjust the parameters according to the market situation; adjust the marketing personnel and determine the level of impact assessment; adjust the training period, the general manager of customer manager salary subsidies account standard, and adjust accounts allowance, etc.. According to the "notice" requirements, completed at the end of July 2016 for the first time since August July, according to the new system of salary calculation. However, the new system in the implementation of the first month to meet part of the marketing staff dissatisfaction, even to the street pulling banners, accused the company of "disguised layoffs" stage. Huatai Securities insiders said the aforementioned, this part of the marketing staff’s response is more extreme individual phenomenon, mainly because it can not adapt to the new changes in the assessment system. A new system for the adjustment, Huatai Securities said the company is based on the transformation of wealth management strategy, combined with industry trends and customer diversified financial needs, explore new service content, and amendments to improve the basic management system of the marketing personnel, and adjust the appraisal management, marketing assessment mechanism mainly embodies the positive performance oriented punishment and award the diligent and lazy the. The system is based on the construction of the marketing team and the full investigation of the views of the parties on the basis of the implementation of the release, a considerable part of the marketing staff income has been improved. In fact, since the first half of this year, the major brokerage "disguised layoffs" sound can be heard without end, and all this with the broker performance in the first half of相关的主题文章: