Development and Reform Commission is to pay close attention to the development of investment budget minmi

NDRC: is to formulate the budget reform program — financial investment approval — original title: development and Reform Commission: is stepping up the development budget for investment approval reform plan of national development and Reform Commission in 1 days "discharge pipe service" said reform conference, the future of the discharge pipe service reform will promote the focus of the work to accelerate from micro to macro, from the examination and approval to supervise, from the project to arrange the system supply, change from one aspect to the linkage. Luo Guosan, deputy director of the NDRC investment company, for two consecutive years in 2013 and revised in 2014, the government approved the investment project directory basis, this year also once again revised approved list, the current revision proposal has been submitted to the state council. Preliminary estimates, the number of projects need to be reported to the central level approved will be further reduced by more than 50%, so that the proportion of the central government approved the project to reduce the proportion of the total amount of the original can reach more than 90%. "In the new directory, the national development and Reform Commission approval matters reserved and ten, of which cross-border and inter provincial projects six, foreign project two, namely the foreign investment and overseas investment, in addition to the two temporary retention, namely coal and pure electric vehicles." Luo Guosan introduction. At the same time, Luo Guosan said, the Commission is stepping up research to develop the central budget for investment project approval system reform, the current program has been basically formed, for before the end of September submitted to the state council. The main content is to further reduce the NDRC approval authority, simplify the approval process, standardize the approval process, while strengthening the project reserves and supervision, improve planning and management. At the same time, to promote collaborative project approval system reform, the original 50 pre procedures have been reduced to two and a half, involving eight laws and seven administrative regulations were revised, this year has been the six law was amended, two law changes are tense advance. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: