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Did Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung get married? The sun had a sweet photo [Abstract] review 2 dynamic one, it can be found out by PO in June as a prelude to intimacy, seems to recognize love! [news] Hsu Chi Stephen Fung announced that the wedding will be held in Prague in June had taken the initiative to share wedding of Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung intimate photo Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media news "cloud" reported that Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung met 20 years skelter, although often in the open field with ambiguous interaction, but has not been clearly recognized love, did not think 6 days they had suddenly exposed to keep everyone secret love for 4 years, and has been making a commitment, shooting a good wedding, let the outside world and the 2 recent dynamic review, we can find out the close on June PO head light, seems to be a prelude to love! In June Hsu Chi was photographed by the media to meet with Stephen Fung, but she was not only not to deny, but don’t ever to beat the paparazzi step, posted 2 intimate photos on Facebook, and mentioned that today is a good day, more lovely to the paparazzi "trouble you can pick a good propaganda point of view the photo or Meitu Xiu Xiu again? Do not make up for the makeup of the female artists, was once exposed to the fans to discuss this is recognized love it?" Friend Ruby Lin grab incense head message congratulations, now seems to notice quietly in the wedding. Not only that, Hsu Chi Ruby Lin was good bestie read the posts not only immediately wrote "water", is also the first time to smile to say "very exciting photo slide!" Seems to notice a good sister secretly a family event; in addition, although she was "only through brokers responded back to rice," said low-key has been good friends, but she was surprisingly active control PO out of the bidding photo, and now the public has secret love 4 years that seems to have a clue!相关的主题文章: