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Womens-Issues Congratulations you’re pregnant and you’re looking for ways to keep it healthy’ during this wonderful time. So good for you for deciding to get the important information you’ll need before improving your eating habits while carrying your precious cargo. And you’ll be happy to learn that you can stay fit and active while you’re pregnant without depriving yourself of every good thing you love to eat. Just a few small changes in your lifestyle including the following diet tips for a healthy pregnancy will ensure both you and your baby get the nutrients you need. H2O is the Way to Go! One of the most important diet tips for a healthy pregnancy is to make sure you stay hydrated. Not only will drinking six to eight 8-ounce glasses or bottles of water a day keep your skin looking great while you’re pregnant, but it can also help to prevent early labor and lessen some of those un.fortable symptoms such as constipation and bloating that are .mon during pregnancy. In conjunction with this tip, caffeine and sugar-loaded beverages should be avoided. Juice is okay, but overall, water should be your best buddy. Bring on the Fruits and Veggies A minimum of 2-3 servings of citrus fruits and dark green, leafy vegetables each day will provide an exceptional source of folic acid which is an essential element that helps in the prevention of miscarriage and birth defects such as spina bifeda. Folic acid works for you by maintaining and lowering the level of homocysteine in your bloodstream which is known to be a contributing culprit in those unfortunate circumstances. A good diet tip for a healthy pregnancy is to keep in mind that a fresh array of produce is much better for you than the canned variety and that fresh citrus fruit can also help to diminish nausea. Power-Up with Protein Protein keeps your cells healthy and will also result in a wonderful, healthy start for your newborn as well. The re.mended amount of protein intake for a pregnant woman is at least 75 grams a day. Foods that can help you achieve that amount are grains and pasta in addition to eggs and potatoes. Another diet tip for a healthy pregnancy is to remember that protein can also protect you from headaches, edema, hypertension and other pregnancy-related disorders. And don’t forget iron and 2-3 servings of calcium-rich foods like lean meats and fish, as well as milk and other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. Indulge in Moderation Everyone knows that cravings are a big part of pregnancy and no one expects you to .pletely cut sugar and fat out of your diet while you’re pregnant. As a matter of fact, you need certain amounts of fat to stay healthy. So, it’s okay to indulge in some of your favorite junk foods as long as you’re smart about it everything in moderation. A good diet tip for a healthy pregnancy is to just watch your portion sizes and do your best to avoid going overboard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: