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DIY refrigerator friends punctuate like 100 promise you will do it again! Author: Sea said the DIY refrigerator tutorial finally came! Last month, the sea, the sea said to DIY a USB refrigerator, but because the preparation is not enough, only to achieve the principle of semiconductor refrigeration, and there is no refrigerator shell, and even no switch. As a liberal arts background, the physical and chemical utterly ignorant of small series, the sea in the next door next door next door G Huang, Beastmaster, fat help, finally completed the "mad pull cool hot transparent USB refrigerator"! Nonsense is not much to say, first on the finished product. Although it is autumn, but the temperature of Guangzhou still maintained at 30 degrees, when sweating, most want to do is a bottle of iced drinks. But if you don’t drink it right away, it will soon become as hot as it is, so is there a way to make a small refrigerator that you can put on your desk or even with you? DIY refrigerator materials (including postage) material price list source acrylic plate 32 yuan + 10.3 yuan online shopping online shopping handle hinge acrylic glue 40 yuan 17.77 yuan online shopping online shopping semiconductor chip cooling heat sink fan 13.5 yuan 20.5 yuan online shopping online shopping next door switch thermal grease beast down on the old appliances with a total of 134.07 yuan of our common refrigeration principle 2, one is the compressor for refrigerator refrigeration, the semiconductor refrigeration is two with the drinking water machine. Semiconductor refrigeration can only be achieved by the use of direct current and a semiconductor chip, so it is more suitable for the desktop. Electronic refrigeration: also known as semiconductor refrigeration, or thermoelectric refrigeration, from a range of refrigeration technology and semiconductor technology developed in the 50s edge discipline, it uses a special semiconductor P-N junction, the formation of the thermocouple, the Perle post effect, namely pass the DC electric refrigeration is a new refrigeration method, and the compression refrigeration and absorption refrigeration and known as the world’s three major cooling methods. After understanding the principle, we come to the design of the program, where a small series of reference to a treasure on the 50 dollar refrigerator solutions. The original program used the TEC1-1270240 cooling plate, but because of this cooling can not be bought online, so it can only be replaced with other models, I used the TEC1-12710. Because the other end of the semiconductor refrigeration will be a lot of heat, so we bought two pieces of aluminum radiator, it should be noted that the hot end of the heat sink must be a lot better than cold Duanhou, so that both sides have formed temperature difference, cooling effect. Remember to buy the seller when you hit 4 holes, so that the latter can be fixed with screws. In general, the refrigerator is printed on the side of the cold side, so the assembly time to put this side up. As for the fans, but also to buy online 5V 0.3A fan, because the decision to use USB power supply, so be sure to choose 5V fan. The size of the fan is relatively fixed, it is recommended that we first determine the size of the fan and then go to customize the cooling film. Assembly may be.相关的主题文章: