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"Dr. N2" leveraging singular technology Huayi line activities perfect ending – tech Sohu scoop November 8th news: last weekend by N2 technology and Huayi Cinema (Wangjing shop, Yangqiao shop) sponsored the line theme perfect curtain falls. At the same time, "Sherlock" starring the superhero blockbuster "strange doctor" in the theater beachhead, by this trend the first weekend of November was successfully contracted rabbit en! Activities since the beginning of November 5th, in a short span of two days, participants come in a throng of concern and response activities, warm surprise of the rabbit’s surprise. So far, in the field scan code and support the Jingdong to raise public fans up to 500 people, which in addition to film enthusiasts are science and technology fancier, and international friends have given great support and enthusiastic pursuit of our activities. N2 activities at the beginning of technology CEO Wang Gang also joined the ranks of the staff, with the site of the product of intense interest fans to share the design of family cloud early heart. It is worth mentioning that this activity is to attract technology GEEKER admiring, were impromptu discussion of cloud disk storage technology level and field staff, and put forward some constructive opinions and suggestions for improvement of products. The face of the network cloud disk have to stop taking the event, has become its own family cloud people. Since the end of the month N2 technology since the new conference, N2 family cloud disk by all sustained attention in all the chips on the Jingdong. Under this line of activity is set off the line all the chips and the interaction of the heat wave, site N2 technology and various brother eat melon popularization concept of private cloud, N2 smart home cloud disk black technology once again into the line of sight of people. In the mobile Internet era, in the face of SkyDrive shut down the tide, "are China users of SkyDrive disk access man" this slogan is not talking about it. This time let him rabbit for private information escort you, memories of the exclusive store. In the future, their own data!   相关的主题文章: