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Driving a luxury car to pengci this approach has lured 3 million car repair video demonstration: Tire emergency recently, concern Nanchong pengci Gang open luxury cars on a high-speed crime case has been hearing this, pengci Gang long in a number of high-speed road "pengci" he who extort money, crime nearly since 300, involving about 3000000 yuan. You often open high-speed car owners need to know about this high-speed pengci technique, or in a minute, extorted thousands of dollars or even a thousand dollars. 1, high-speed "slingshot" pengci, minute pengci party will correct you driving a car in the middle lane slow, forcing you to overtake. When you are overtaking, car pengci will use slingshot or other launch equipment in the back row, shoot your tail. Then bang, let you think a collision occurs, this car pengci will accelerate and motioned for you to pull over. Pull over, pengci car down a group of people, go to the car with your theory. At the same time, there will be a person in the rear of your vehicle to draw a scratch, as a collision evidence". Pengci car rearview mirror, It is as expected is broken, of course, this is a pre arranged. A car pengci, will give you pressure to solve the requirements of private. If you want to call the police, the other party will be in a hurry to refuse to call you on the grounds, so that you give money as soon as possible. You often have to give money also is not a small number, maybe thousands, tens of thousands of car pengci as possible, the price is fixed. 2, the pengci technique has the characteristics of what? If the vehicle slow down at high speed, forcing you to suffer the overtaking vehicle only heard a loud bang, but did not feel the shock pengci car was hit "bad is often a rearview mirror, and it is a luxury car, the price of compensation for various reasons for private, refused to report 3, traffic police weapon: adhere to the alarm is an earlier in the country on the highway has been the frequent occurrence of this kind of pengci events, and these are mostly gang crime pengci party. The police also suggested that the majority of drivers, in case of this kind of pengci events on the road, we must adhere to the alarm. But if the other tough forced to stop vehicles, and take the violence, then don’t provoke each other, in order to ensure their own safety can bargain amount of money, pay attention to vehicle crime and personnel characteristics, secretly photographed pengci, promptly after the alarm. At the same time as much as possible the use of transfer, do not give cash in order to verify.相关的主题文章: