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Reference-and-Education Every organisation has the need for training which is conducted in order to improve the skills and knowledge base of the employees. As organisations operate there is a high probability for the development of learning gaps or myopic perceptions. These gaps exist between the required level of learning and the existing one. Apart from that myopic perceptions do get nurtured owing to lack of concrete organisational procedures and policies. This is .mon in every firm. However this needs to be uprooted. E-learning solutions as a revolutionary trend acts as a progress triggering factor for every organisation and helps to enhance its productivity. E-learning solutions speed-up the process of training employees through their highly interactive tools like mobile learning, game based learning and learning facilitated with graphics software. E-learning has redefined knowledge solutions in many ways. After its introduction learning for organisations has acquired a new name ‘web based interactive training’. Social learning services provided by e-learning service providers help employees to manage potential according to the task assigned and hence maximise output effectively. Social learning rendered by these services helps organisations to manage their workforce in such way that they have the right people, with the right potential at the right place and at the right time. E-learning helps organisations to groom their sales force in the appropriate manner so that they can be.e adept enough to prepare effective sales pitches in order to create impact on clients. This in turn makes an organisation .petent enough to enhance their reach in the consumer market. E-learning courses have also inculcated subjects such as customer relationship management, techniques to generate value proposition and significance of consumer delight. All these curriculum contents help organisations to know their clients better both behaviourally, psycho-graphically as well as demographically. The e-learning training procedures are successful because of their holistic approach towards organisational problems. The vineyard of e-learning embodies three aspects, namely technology, content and services. At every stage of the learning process learners can witness the .bined form of these three aspects. This holistic approach aids employees to broaden their vision and arrive at solutions to problems more effectively. Learning management solutions service providers do not ignore the conventional methods of learning. Rather they have improvised by blending the traditional methods with modern e-learning. It involves portraying the same knowledge into a new platform which is more interactive and dynamic. The new improvisations help augmenting learner interest in the training content and hence improve learning prowess. It is the era of transitions and the field of organisational learning reflect the same. Today .panies need to change the mediums of learning constantly to maintain effectiveness in the process. At times the medium is individual exercises and times it gets transformed into .munity based learning. Learning management solutions provided by e-learning service providers make .anisations to adapt to these dynamic needs and hence generate better learning. Owing to the numerous utilities of e-learning procedures .anisations are increasingly getting inclined to them and see a bright future for their establishment through the adoption of these procedures. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: