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EA confirmed that battlefield 1 will be available after the sale of the lease server battlefield 1 area a few days ago, foreign media reported that battlefield 1 may not support the sale of rental servers. It does seem to be true, but that does not mean that the government does not open the lease server. EA today announced that from the beginning of November 1st in the "lease game player server battlefield 1" within the game store, "battlefield 1" in October 21st officially on sale, that is to say in the sale after a week or so will be able to see the third party server. The following is the official lease on the "battlefield 1" server information: with the "battlefield 1" to be issued, we will launch the server leasing program, let the game player can set up their own "battlefield 1" private and public server, and can control the different cycle map game options. With these custom options, you can build your own play style multiplayer games with friends. Shortly after the launch of the game, starting in November 1st, you will be able to "battlefield 1" game store rental server. In the past, all servers are handled by third party companies, but this time, EA will directly provide server services. We feel that this will benefit you in many ways. First, we can guarantee the quality of the actual hardware. And because these servers are from the same supplier, so that all players have a consistent experience. In addition, if you have a problem, or need assistance, you will be able to contact the EA customer service department directly, without the support of the third party. The lease on the server will be able to customize all kinds of games, game player options, such as the server name, map circulation, game mode, multiple game set etc.. The game was just issued, we may restrict the number of game modes, but will be based on feedback and other conditions to gradually relax the standards, but you can expect that, after the release of the game, we will continue to add more customization options and UI design. As the time draws closer to the date of the November 1st server leasing program, we will also release more information. We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield! (source: ali213 editor: DY) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: