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Health Let’s talk about skin rejuvenation and anti aging skin care treatments, have you ever thought what kind of products have proven to be really effective?. This should be the first answer that everyone had to want to know. Because of, there are lots anti aging treatments advertised nowadays. But, is this information accurate enough?, undoubtedly it is better to be informed, and then you can make a decision based on your own skin rejuvenation regime. Anti aging strategy technique and treatment that you decide to use must suits your personal aging skin issues. Having said that, let’s see the basic about an effective skin rejuvenation treatment, this one start understanding antiaging skin care treatment facts. Last researches state there are many active ingredients that have clinically proven being efficacious skin rejuvenators, the most effective is Vitamin A, then derivatives such as Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate have became to be reliable anti aging treatments. The strongest treatment based on vitamin A is Retin A or Renova, but it is only available by prescription and is one of the most irritating treatment. As usual, It always will be better ask your doctor – because of your skin – if it is good enough for you to try a prescription with vitamin A – Retin A or Renova -. Nevertheless, if your doctor thinks it is not advisable, there are other alternatives, and you can include other Retinol options in your skin care routine. All you need to know is, the higher concentration of retinol, the stronger the treatment, retinol products can range up to one per cent of concentration. Remember that Retinol can be quite irritating to the skin, so be careful and read all directions that product label gives you, I cannot overemphasize that strongest retinol products may irritate skin. If you begin with low Retinol concentration levels, your skin gradually going to adjust itself to the treatment, it is better start slow and bit by bit working your way to higher concentration of retinol. Retinyl Palmitate is a derivative of vitamin A, and it is the lees irritating of all vitamin A options. Plus, it is considered quite effective because of its extraordinary rejuvenating qualities. Retinyl Palmitate belongs to the family of drugs called retinoids, and this one has been studied in cancer prevention as well, it promotes cell regeneration and it is a primary anti-oxidant. As I said below, it is less active and requires higher concentrations for bioactivity. A chemical exfoliant is another anti aging treatment to try, the most popular is AHA Glycolic Acid and must be used in concentrations of seven per cent to twelve per cent depending on sensitivity of your skin. Similar to Retinyl Palmitate, start with low levels of concentration and then move up to ten per cent to fifteen per cent, the idea is to avoid irritation of your skin and this depends exclusively on tolerance of your cutis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: