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Eight asked Israel to travel: so you are one of the Middle East countries – Travel Channel mentioned Israeli tourism, many people may ask: the Middle East countries are safe? Where are the people friendly? Is it worth it? A series of problems. In the form of "eight questions", we decode the mysterious religious kingdom from the answers of the Israeli Tourist Bureau and the reporters’ pictures. Q: what kind of country is Israel? The tourism bureau is located in the west of Israel: Israel, located in the Mediterranean, Southeast, North Lebanon, Syria and Jordan on the East and southwest borders of Egypt, is the birthplace of the world’s major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; is the only country in the world to the Jewish people’s body; the Middle East is only a liberal democracy. Israel Military Science and technology, agriculture, physics, medicine and other industries are relatively developed. Jerusalem is the seat of its central government. Reporter: the land area is not large, the second largest city of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in just an hour from Jerusalem to Dead Sea only need an hour. Although the country is a multi religious, multi-ethnic country, but its openness is amazing". There are various types of bikinis parade every year in Tel Aviv City, near the Mediterranean Sea, about 10 km long coastline dotted with more than a dozen people, the beach, running on the beach to play, walking, singing and drinking, romance, boating, surfing, diving in the sea. The beach everywhere show tall handsome and beautiful, beautiful figure bikinis and madden little meat meet the eye everywhere. The city of Jerusalem under the setting sun The ancient city of Jerusalem is full of religious believers Mediterranean boating, surfing (Tel Aviv beach.) (Figure 90, along the Dead Sea Dead Sea highway, across the Jordan.) (Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor: two) Q: Israeli security? Israel Tourism Board: Israel is a very safe tourist destination. The airport has a very strict security measures, set up their own airport security channel in addition, Israeli security departments will be alone on passenger security, eliminate the potential risk; Israel is a developed country in science and technology, national defense facilities; Israel developed economy, people live and work in peace and contentment, social security is also very good. Hope to have more Chinese tourists come to this beautiful country experience. Reporter: referring to Israel, many people think of the first Israeli Palestinian conflict, terrorist attacks, in fact, the security of public places in Israel are very strict. The Golan Heights has become a famous tourist attractions, tourists from all over the world gathered in the panoramic view of Syria. Israeli soldiers, both men and women, aged 18 to 3 years of military service, male, female 2 years. The streets of Tel Aviv, it is easy to meet the male and female soldiers carry loaded guns they are young, children, very warm, do not refuse with tourists. (from the Golan Heights overlooking the Syria capital of Damascus, with the highest trench and the telescope through a telescope in Syria can see the building window.) (the United Nations in the Golan Heights commanding buffer, the soldiers are very friendly)相关的主题文章: