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Travel-and-Leisure London, as known to all people worldwide is a very beautiful city with a skyline that is spell bindingly impressive to any eye. The beauty of the city cannot be expressed in words. People who have been able to get a glimpse of the beauty of London are definitely fortunate. The number of attractions present in the city is sure to attract every tourist for a full lifetime. Each location proves to be a place unique in looks and natures profound beauty. Every street and lane can be regarded as a location to be visited. Millions of people are attracted every year to London . It is quite natural to find hundreds of people pouring in to celebrate Christmas and New Year at this gorgeous place. Some of the most inspiring views in the world can be seen in the city of London. Travelers find London as an exotic location for spending a long holiday or vacation. The beauty of the city keeps a lot of visitors glued to it for a very long time. The landmarks present in London are considered to be very iconic in nature and brings in more visitors every year. The long history of entertainments through theatres and dramas along with the breakout musicals make London the chosen destination for holiday revelers. Some of the most popular things to be seen are the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and the horse guards parade. The Big Ben, House of Parliament and the Buckingham Palace are the most visited destinations in London. The shops and restaurants are places where huge crowds are seen. The Regent Street, Oxford Street, Bond Street, Carnabay Street, Kings Road and Downing Street are areas where people are seen thronging for shopping. It also houses some of the very popular 5 star hotels in London . London is known for the most number of luxury hotels it houses. This has been an aspect that has helped London gain a lot of fame and credit. Luxury hotels in London are the apt places to spend a vacation and are proved to be the perfect spots to help travelers master the metropolis. An effortless .bination of modern facilities and traditional .fort is provided at such luxurious locations. Whether people visit London for business or pleasure, ac.modation is truly a heavenly experience. The beautifully designed rooms, flexible spaces for meetings and celebrations and dining facilities guarantee a memorable stay for all the right reasons. Extra ordinary services with a unique look and feel of the environment make your stay a very special one. The liveliness of the whole area in London is increased by the activeness of hotel activities. London has a lot to offer to all people and staying in an exotic place makes it even more exciting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: