Every teacher’s day exposure teacher talk salary is the shame of society htc802w

Every teacher’s day. "The teacher pay talks" is a social shame according to reports, China yesterday is the thirty-second teachers’ day, long Gu Xiang Bao Zi Kou Cun, Huangchuan County, Henan City, Xinyang is 32 years from the teachers to teach Chen Chonghua, but not in the mood to celebrate, he was holding a total of 15 years 16000 yuan salary IOUs, unfulfilled. The fact is confirmed by local authorities. Chen Chonghua clearly do teachers work, but also many times by the township government as "excellent teacher", "model teacher", the wages of 16000 yuan for 15 years, listening to very absurd. And the light of his village, so take ious wage substitute teachers and more than and 20 people. While the county, township and village three levels of government are full of reason: the county said "have switched to the township government"; that "the transfer payment policy down priority"; the village said the village teacher "at least more than and 20, the village can not afford". Can not imagine, in the past ten years, in the face of the teacher without rice pot, the local authorities to do what feelings, and what kind of face from the performance? According to industry of traditional festival, the festival is the teachers teachers and they enjoy a happy day. These years, we found that the teachers (especially private teachers) were wages has become a teacher’s Day "will be exposed" the news, this is to give teachers the worst "holiday gift"; but for this node, some teachers are on matters not exposed to "lift" method. We do not know, this historical legacy of wounds, which teachers can heal? I do not know, many private teachers appeal only to be able to focus on the phenomenon of the holiday, when to end? This is more than a "case teacher whose wages are 15 years" of public opinion. Some people are very confused: "the poor are not poor education" slogan shouting loudly, how in some places to implement when they do not have mind, even teachers’ basic survival safeguards are not satisfied? Is there than the "poor" worse "poor", or the local education, human society, finance and other departments buck passing without any responsibility? In fact, the latter, for example, this year Shaanxi Zhouzhi County 173 young teacher posts in 2015 after more than seven months has not received wages, the County Education Bureau responded "complex", after the media exposure, the wage soon made, accountability has not been below. Anlaoquchou, taught for 15 years, as unalterable principles, the result is a "white", which makes "respecting" four words of shame. The employment of teachers means the establishment of labor relations with the school. The only difference between public and private benefits, but "to reward" rights and interests are the same. The "labor contract law" provisions of article thirtieth, the employer shall timely and full payment of labor remuneration to the laborer; eighty-fifth provisions: not timely and full payment of labor remuneration, the labor administrative department shall be ordered to pay compensation, overtime pay or economic compensation. And Chen Chonghua owed a lot of wages are owed twenty or thirty years ago, we must also consider the consideration of today’s purchasing power, price inflation, etc.. Not only to eliminate, as employers, involved in county and township has long did not fulfill the statutory obligations to pay private teachers’ wages in accordance with the law, even the most — even as lower down and so on, to".相关的主题文章: