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Expected: Baidu CEO Robin Li began eating worms two days ago, known as the "top of the food chain," the man of the Lord to Baidu CEO made an invitation to make an expedition with him. Yesterday, Robin Li has answered! Should! The! Eat a worm supplementary protein from Baidu Post Bar shots last night, Baidu CEO Robin Li back a piece of content in their Post Bar, titled "suddenly being invited to eat worms": many people advised me to return the hackathons, I was so bad? Baidu said the enjoyed being challenged (culture will enjoy being challenged, I love that ") cannot predict what will happen next minute" feeling, have the opportunity to get close to nature, to the position of the field of adventure, is a very cool thing. At the same time there is a burst out of the picture: maybe Robin Li has been shot in addition to a big one is about to enter the final white worm, the environment in which Robin Li is also very tropical rain forest". Suddenly appeared in such an environment, it may mean that Robin Li is actually in the filming of the Baer program. People can not bear to look into the picture looks like Robin Li and Rafa this is really "hooked up", but think Robin Li really put white worms swallowed the picture, but also a bit of beauty. Ka Bang crisp chicken flavor. "Personal adventure", or only for the image of Robin Li in order to save Baidu Baidu also fight although only one reality show, but the top of the food chain man "Baer’s presence has a certain degree of dangerous means. So the question is: why Robin Li is willing to put their lives at risk? This is not unrelated to the Baer show, as the world’s most famous adventure reality show, which ultimately all kinds of setbacks and danger, when guests overcome them as human beings we will also have the same feeling, enhance its image: Baer before the China reality show "adventure" with Baer good ratings, too improve the popularity for the guests to participate in the reality show. Wowkie Zhang is a very good example, from a "hypocritical non mainstream" boys to "have the courage to play the man". Obama also devoted to the promotion of their own environmental protection concept, to create a "approachable" image, but unfortunately no way for him to win the next two U.S. presidential election chance. Looking forward to the performance of Robin Li and Baidu set up "the Baidu PR" micro signal, Robin Li and Baer together as well as to more active in front of the public to show themselves, improve their overall image and Baidu. The most handsome of the IT chiefs, and the degree is not low, but also love plants Robin Li should not difficult, of course we look forward to another sideshow: Baer Robin Li fed worms, Robin Li Baer fed takeaway (please preserved egg + Douzhi).相关的主题文章: