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As a serious warning to individuals who have been given a serious warning –  , Wang Zhankai, China’s First Heavy Machinery Group Corporation, former Secretary of the Party branch secretary of Anshan. Wang Zhankai from February 2014 to October period, without the approval of the company, as many times as a private abroad (Habitat), in the country (territory) a total of 13 working days to stay. In addition, the 2015 report personal matters leading cadres, Wang Zhankai did not hold to go abroad (border) license and 2014 personal private abroad (Habitat) truthfully report, after verification checks found the above situation. Wang Zhankai’s behavior has seriously violated the party’s organizational discipline. July 11, 2015, after a group of companies to discuss the decision of the Party committee, Wang Zhankai, Secretary of the Party branch secretary of the Ministry of Anshan, minister.         "  sixty-sixth China Communist Party disciplinary regulations";       not in accordance with the relevant regulations or requirements, and report to the organization of major issues and important matters, given a warning or serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from Party Posts or placed on probation.         do not report or report the whereabouts of the individual as required, the circumstances are serious, given a warning or serious warning.                 Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection相关的主题文章: