Fans spend huge sums of money to buy the square screen advertising Sherry debut 20 years mentalist

Fans spend huge sums of money to buy the square screen advertising Sherry debut 20 years – Beijing News yesterday, when you go through martial arts square, have seen in the circulation of the play of the Sherry? Reporters learned that this year’s Sherry debut 20 years, so there are Hangzhou fans spending huge sums to buy a large screen in Hangzhou Wulin Square advertising, all-weather play called "20 years of thanks for your" theme of Sherry VCR. The theme VCR is made by fans, thanks to her 20 years of company. Specially chose her background in the "voice of the dream" singing "silent" picture. The lyrics of the phrase "life knot is, is your" fans said, that is their most honest words to her. The next two days, the big screen Wulin Square advertising by the fans buy all done even hi three days and nights "attitude. The big screen Wulin Square is located in Hangzhou gold lots, land prices are calculated according to the second. Sherry the VCR from Thursday to Saturday the three days, every day about rolling broadcast 200 times, over 15 seconds, the price is quite expensive. Sherry debut 20 years, out of the classic songs countless, accompanied by a lot of people from youth to no confusion. Fans are willing to use this way to the idol love, mainly thanks to Sherry singing along with them. And Sherry and the fate of Hangzhou is particularly much, before joining the Zhejiang TV "dream of sound" to play the music teacher, and this Saturday her "Utopia World Tour City Concert — Hangzhou Railway Station" will sing in the Huanglong stadium. In tonight’s broadcast of the new issue of "the voice of the dream", she will also interpret the tenderness of the female version of "spring". In the last episode, JJ Lin, Hebe Tian, Jam Hsiao, Yu Quan four groups of them is our advice, all the wonderful performance is not only for Sherry could not help to. Different from the last conservative songs, this time in the selection of songs, friends Hebe Tian for the choice of a classic song of Wang Feng, "spring" in the. It’s very masculine rock songs, also let this for full of suspense and surprise. And in the process of adaptation, Sherry is a breakthrough will be familiar with the "spring" into a tender girl version, hoping to show a different flavor from the original. Newspaper correspondent Dragon Boat newspaper reporter Zhuang Xiaolei相关的主题文章: