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Focus on the world Internet Conference: World Internet Conference released the first 15 of the world’s leading scientific and technological achievements of science and technology – Internet Sohu news: according to CCTV financial channel "transaction time" reports, the afternoon of November 16th, the third session of the world Internet Conference released the Internet world leading scientific and technological achievements, 15 leading scientific and technological achievements, Tesla IBM, Baidu, HUAWEI, Alibaba other companies are allowed to publish in the general assembly. This is the world’s Internet Conference held for the first time to the world’s leading Internet technology achievements. According to reports, supercomputing, innovative manufacturing, ecological harmony, security, mobile phone 5G prototype and other 15 world leading scientific and technological achievements by Internet innovation and people’s livelihood, and truly reflects the innovation change the future, these achievements is the real Internet light. A Tesla, automatic auxiliary driving system of independent auxiliary driving after Tesla optional suite, when the driver using a key enabled call function, the vehicle will automatically detect the driver pulled out of the garage, and the location near the dock to the driver, the driver then enters the vehicle, the car on the road, ready to begin to feel a fusion of cutting-edge technology to bring a pleasant journey. The latest set of 2 hardware systems, including the 8 cameras, you can cover the visual range of 360 degrees, the farthest distance to the surrounding environment can reach up to 250 meters. 12 ultrasonic sensors, enhanced pre radar, provides the most abundant peripheral data through the redundant wavelength, in addition to the vehicle is also equipped with set up 40 times faster than the previous generation operation processing software of sonar and radar system, using Tesla company independent research and development, when the vehicle receives the driver change information, the system according to the surrounding road conditions and automatically change lanes. When the vehicle is close to the destination, the system will automatically search for parking spaces, and automatically detect the distance around the vehicle, the vehicle parked in the parking spaces to complete the journey. Automatic auxiliary driving has been shown to improve the safety of vehicles traveling on the road. Two, IBM artificial intelligence system Watson class brain computer, then it is equivalent to the calculation of the power of the 4 billion prominent, power consumption is only 2.5 watts. Atomic storage technology, the current storage of a bit of information requires 1 million atoms, IBM new generation storage technology requires only 12 atoms. In such an era of big data explosion, such a storage technology has epoch-making significance. At present, we have developed the application in 20 industries, our scientists in the health care, education, finance, retail and other industries to develop this application. In particular, the application of Watson in the field of health care. Three, Alibaba business ecosystem technology applications for Alibaba, in fact, many people have just gone through the eighth double surprise and shopping experience of the eleven. Then in the "double eleven" above, we feel is 120 billion 700 million, this is a shopping place within 24 hours of experience, in fact, behind is a flying technology platform based on the technical architecture play a role. This year, Alibaba has created a new record, the entire e-commerce transactions.相关的主题文章: