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For humans in dealing with the defeats and failures is generally not a simple or easy matter. Despite all the work that positive thinking can develop in the minds and hearts of those who are tested on their projects and ambitions. This is mainly due to losses and failures are part of a series of tests in a sometimes uncertain universe since it has an unknown number of possible variants which show weaknesses in people or sudden and unknown changes that seem to stifle the good intentions that they have at any given time. But those who make an anchor of positive thinking to solve the hard times are far better equipped than those who do not use it because this approach provides greater tranquility and less wear during the process. First of all well define defeat as a temporary reverse that any person suffers opposite to a proposed aim and the failure as a definitive or permanent defeat before a challenge or problem and of which some persons do not recover. All we ever wanted things or events that lead us toward some goal were perfect, but along the way often situations that were not planned are presented and it is from here that the kind of leader is measured and should rise from new problems and challenges with: courage, patience, persistence, experience and ingenuity. In practical life as postulated by the great guru of practical finances Robert Kiyosaki experience comes first and then the lesson. However as he says in the traditional education system becomes accustomed to hate and avoid mistakes and always have the right answers to a test of life when is present. However life as a whole is much more complex than any number of knowledge at a college or university and it cannot always have the right answers so that everything goes well, because our mind can only serve seven variables or pieces of information at the same time and additionally our nervous system detects only one part in a billion of energy around us. So with limited human capabilities it is never possible to speak of that we have a majority control on what may happen to us every day. Everyone on this planet is tested on aspects that are not dominated in his life and no one can say that solves everything perfect with a score of 5 or 10 as is usually done in humans schools, because our decisions outside the classroom must add reactions of others who think and act differently from us and any number of universal events that are mixed in the process in time and space including: natural elements, forces , things, animals, etc. By this we mean that we must wait a reasonable degree of setbacks in life and be ready to take the best of the experience to project us forward. And often with the emotional burden that produces a strange experience that affects a goal or a project is not possible to discern the lesson itself when it occurs, so that it will be necessary to separate from the situation and wait a while to discover the lesson hidden. Another element of force that upsets find solutions to problems and increases the effect of losses and ultimately leads to failure are negative emotions that block, color or magnify the challenges we are all lead: sadness, hatred, depression, resentment, helplessness, loneliness, uncertainty, etc. As there are various areas of life in which the interaction happens between events, problems, challenges and people we wil talk about some types who happen more often and frequent attitudes that many take: In business Because of the mental programming of traditional education where everything should be done perfect and it is feared making mistakes many people enter into a business opportunity expecting perfection at all times, that is an ideal business where there are no defeats and challenges are minimal, where it have to invest little or no money and obtain the maximum benefit with the least effort. This is of course for a normal and aware adult a very naive idea of success that never satisfied, because all the evidence of real success in the world speaks of struggles and continuous battles that had to fight to get the deserved award. Then success without losses, sacrifices and battles no exists. Nevertheless in our experience of more than one decade treating topics of Human Development with persons we have seen that for many that wait for the ideal business that does not come, once enter into a royal business and receive a difficult test as the bankruptcy, a fantastic company that closes his doors, an idea that delays in being carried out. etc., they remain literally knocked out to the best style of the quadrilateral of boxing to flee of the experience and not to return to try again anything similar to the traumatic event through that they lived. This reaction certainly limits them per years or probably for the whole life if they do not check, question and come out their mental and emotional model of the events that happen in their lives. It is clear that persistence is not only keep trying but also face economic losses of a project or business to a reasonable degree, that is when they occur and if there are possibilities with something similar that can give results and then try again without permanently surrender. In relations with people This is another field of human action where it feels more strongly the effect of the defeats and failures. And it covers relations at all levels: personal or emotional, family and social. When a negative experience happens dealing or living with people, the most common reaction is to turn away and avoid contact after a confrontation course, shock or skirmish. In the case of romantic relationships there are unfortunate events in many people because of an unhappy love affair decided to refuse new options to know another person and live a different relationship. Therefore loneliness and depression are installed indefinitely in their lives. This case shows a sentimental failure, not because he was defeated by a relationship believed but it was not good but because not wanting to hear from anyone who can form special part of life is a clear sign of a permanent defeat. Since the relations with the persons change or transform it is a sensible strategy not to be too idealistic and to leave a space in order that persons being included itself could commit mistakes and learn of them, though lamentably this should cause in last instance some break or separation for a conflict. Use of time Due to the uniformity of the persons for the educational traditional system, many persons have in their minds a mental book-keeper of happened events and of events that should have happened in their lives, feeling for it defeated for not having fulfilled these expectations and wasting the present time to do new things for a new and promissory future. For example to a definite age according to the social conditioning it is necessary to study and graduate, marry, have children, buy a house, vehicle, ascend in a work, etc., and if this does not fulfill, the symptom of impotence, fault and desperation for the defeat it is very big for many and they are punished mentally and emotionally for a long time in their lives. Feeding a failure that does not exist but only in their minds. Here are some practical suggestions for putting the defeats and failures in perspective: As human beings we are all different and have unique talents, so in a world of individual beings comparison has no sense. As intelligent but limited beings we can aspire to continuous improvement but not to perfection. Continuous improvement gets the better of you and puts you in a creative state, while perfectly puts you in a state of rigidity that causes frustration. In business especially not aspire to find a perfect opportunity, without problems, without investment, with little effort and no one can go wrong including the company. Keep in mind that both, companies and their partners and employees grow together and it is necessary from persons that they exercise the commitment before the changes and the challenges. There are also business opportunities that although in the past were handled irresponsibly by a company or management team, are then taken and changed by a responsible and winning team. So if you suffer losses once or sometimes in a venture, remember that may appear a different business elsewhere and handled very differently when you met. Therefore always get up and try again. In the treatment and living with people is a sensible principle not to idealize anyone and leave the possibility to each one to make mistakes and learn in the process, but always opening the doors and open a frank dialogue to build bridges instead barriers. Forget the timer on your mind. Although its good to do things over a period of time agreed upon by society, remember that uniformity is the enemy of creativity. This has been demonstrated by many of those who have made the best contributions to humanity. 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