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The G20 summit in Hangzhou at the right time (International Forum) – International – people.com.cn Chinese is one of the most rapidly growing countries in the world at present, in the key position of future global economy and its governance, the Hangzhou summit is at a historic moment in the past few years, Chinese the role of the international community and the more active, more growth for the shaping of economic globalization. There are two iconic examples: one is to build Asia infrastructure investment bank, the bank to attract multinational members from Europe and Asia, will become the most important financing institutions investment and construction of infrastructure in Asia; the other is a proposed "The Belt and Road" initiative, international development strategy is committed to creating the most ambition. In addition, overseas investment, the internationalization of the RMB, Chinese enterprises going out, etc., are explained by the rapid expansion of China’s global influence at multiple levels. However, the global trade and investment as a whole showed a recession, which is the biggest challenge facing China’s hosting of the group of twenty (G20) summit. In the west, signs of anti globalization become widespread, the U.S. presidential election in the United States anti globalization frequent remarks, working-class unemployment attributed to globalization; British public referendum decision from the eu. The central question of all these phenomena is the future of global integration. The phenomenon will not sit idly by, because of anti globalization sentiment not only appeared in the United States, Britain, is gradually rising in other parts of the world. In fact, the core of the problem is not globalization itself, but the mode of globalization in the past. Because of this model did not make the United States and Europe and other places to benefit the general public, but only a few of the rich class benefit, resulting in social inequality and instability. G20 Hangzhou peak club set up issues related to this challenge is highly relevant. The key issue of the slow growth of global economy. At present, both the United States and Europe have not fully recovered from the international financial crisis. The EU economy is now facing a "lost ten years"; the United States is better, but the growth rate is still disappointing. These countries are very inadequate to deal with economic stagnation, too dependent on monetary policy, the current policy is very limited effect. The importance of China reflected in the even slowdown, the growth rate of the economy Chinese is still very brisk, and Chinese is also committed to maintaining global integration, promote mutually beneficial and win-win. Both in terms of economic performance and commitment to globalization, China is helping to provide the world with a global integration model based on growth and cooperation. The model recognizes the importance of stimulating effective demand, rather than relying solely on monetary policy, the West needs to listen to the different policy voices. If some parts of the United States is facing the problem of infrastructure damage, the need to invest heavily in infrastructure construction. "More efficient global financial governance" is another important issue of the summit. There is no doubt that the potential risks in this area are intensifying. Over the past 40 years, the global economic center of gravity has shifted significantly from developed countries to developing countries, but the global economic governance相关的主题文章: