Gansu cracked the case of the teacher Dutch act savings cheated 230 thousand yuan – Sohu news

Gansu cracked the case of the teacher Dutch act savings cheated 230 thousand yuan – Sohu news in May 9, 2016, Gansu rural teachers Fan Yingui received a strange call after half a lifetime savings totaling 230 thousand yuan cheated. Grief and desperation, he left his Dutch act. After this report caused widespread concern, after the police investigation confirmed that the large transnational fraud case series the case with the police investigation of the Department of health for the same gang. Yesterday, the well-being of the police lasted 10 months of investigation, successfully cracked the case and arrested members involved in the case of 36. It was found that the gang has more than 32 provinces and cities in the country more than 400 crimes, involving up to $35 million. > > case review 230 thousand savings cheated Gansu rural teachers Dutch act 44 year old fan Yingui is Gansu County of Qinan province Xichuan middle school teachers, and the infirm, a family of three on his public teachers income life. Years of renting him, the biggest wish is to buy a house of their own. This May 9th morning, Fan Yingui received a self proclaimed "Public Security Bureau" the man the phone, then received another phone, the other claiming Tianjin public security requirements, to cooperate with the investigation he suspected a case of "money laundering" as an excuse to "freeze the cash concurrent execution command". On the afternoon of the same day and the next morning, van Yingui in two will be 230 thousand yuan into the other account. Aware of being cheated after the police rushed to the police, but it was too late. In May 11th, van Yingui died with his wife, "I will leave nothing, and a liar" after the Dutch act. > > detection of cases of a single case involving up to more than 110 after the incident, the Gansu police to the investigation in the case. But in this case, the police through the well-being of the modus operandi of comparison found that the case and they are investigating the large series of transnational telecommunications fraud Department of the same gang as. Last December, Ankang City, more than 20 cases posing as Ankang City Public Security Bureau of the implementation of telecommunications fraud, involving more than 200 yuan. January 7, 2016, the police will be listed as a series of fraud 1 – 07 project cracked. Went to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yunnan and other places to investigate, successfully dug up the suspect Moumou led, hiding in Indonesia, involving more than 200 people of large multinational telecommunications fraud gangs. At the end of May this year, the task force successfully arrested 3 suspects as a breakthrough, in late August to have returned home, gang members focus on the net. The ad hoc group on September 30th public wanted the first batch of 23 posing as public security to implement telecommunications fraud fugitives online. Identified by the police, the gang has to 32 provinces and many victims of the implementation of telecommunications fraud, more than 400 cases of crime. The implementation of the gang fraud cases, in addition to the "Fan Yingui Gansu County of Qinan province is a fraud case caused by social influence, was also in November 14, 2015 on suspicion of money laundering case, the victim request funds grounds, financial personnel fraud Yulin Jiaxian a company, the company and personal accounts for more than 110 yuan cheated. It is understood that this is also the series of fraud cases, the highest proportion of single cases. Bin相关的主题文章: