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Give the child a milk ring trouble her not to let daughter-in-law door – Beijing newspaper on October 14th – 12 days, a woman Mary Harbin Xiangfang district (a pseudonym) for children quit milk problems and family disputes, the result was so took the key, do not let the door. The auxiliary police escort, Mary home safety, one family peace. According to the Xiangfang auxiliary police patrol squadron auxiliary Wang Peng, Sun Xin, 12, about 15:30, they received the Department of community neighborhood committee director Li Li’s phone, said a woman was her out of the house, I hope they can help mediation. Two auxiliary police officers rushed to the community after learned that the woman named Mary, is a teacher, who lives in the East rose garden district. Husband soldier, two weeks to go home. They have a 10 month old child, recently Mary for children or milk. "The 3 day my husband came home to see hungry children cried and asked me why not to breastfeed her child. I told him the child is weaned, can’t, he began to scold me, said I was also playing my heart. They also asked me to write a guarantee, guarantee that after the husband quarrel, to feed their children, I wrote a couple of times they are not satisfied." Since then, a family quarrel. The 12 day, Mary home after work to find the key is in the bag, no matter what she called, the house of the parents did not give her to open the door. Mary knew that the key is her away, she was out. Two auxiliary police and community director Li came to the home of mary. At first, Mary’s parents or not to open the door, the auxiliary police showed police identity after get into the door. The auxiliary to the family learned that Mary usually work pressure is too large, do not understand with his family, and on some excitement, resulting in the dispute. Through persuasion, Mary has made peace with his family. (Li Mingzhe Xue Feifei)相关的主题文章: