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Guangji hospital 200 million debt fraud — about 60000000 public opinion channel — original title: Guangji hospital debt about 60000000 days before the 200 million fraud, Yangzhou City Intermediate People’s court conducted a special civil case trial. The plaintiff in the United States, the consulate entrusts a lawyer to participate in the proceedings; the 3 defendants in court on suspicion of criminal was released on bail, the other 2 defendants were detained in Yangzhou City Detention Center, the court in the detention center until once, to ascertain the facts. Some prosecutors sat in the court of Yangzhou procuratorial organs civil administrative procuratorial department said the bogus lawsuit cases also the time to "bring order out of chaos". This is the case has caused widespread concern "Guangji hospital debt dispute case. This failed to open the hospital was sued by many creditors, a total of 14 creditors to declare the creditor’s rights of the pen, the amount of over $18 200 million. However, prosecutors in the investigation found that the more than 6000 yuan in debt there is tricky. Provincial People’s Procuratorate Liu Hua this point praise: strong supervision! "Fake 200 million yuan debt in Guangji hospital!" The three day debt case undertaker dug about 60000000 fake told reporters: "lending disputes, mediation, the original defendant belongs to relatives. These typical characteristics of false litigation cases, in this case has been the most vividly reflected." The Yangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate Office of the person in charge, due to the two hospital leadership attaches great importance to invest in a larger procuratorial power, so the preliminary investigation is quite solid, the case broke quickly, on the three day." The first day, prosecutors first find Guangji hospital accountant Ruan Donghai, he is also the legal representative Guangji hospital. Prosecutors on the facts of the continuous questioning, overwhelmed Ruan Donghai’s psychological defense. He had to admit, in order to restore the Guangji hospital investment failure loss in the Chen brothers instigation, playing a false lawsuit. Ruan Donghai was detained by public security organs. The second day, when the positive contact Chen brothers. The prosecutor was ready to take people to prepare, unexpectedly, after receiving the prosecution after the phone, Chen brothers actively drove to the procuratorate. In the face of irrefutable evidence and Ruan Donghai to testify the fact that Chen Daqing had to admit that part of the money is fake. The procuratorial organs will be Strike while the iron is hot. Chen brothers transferred to public security organs. Third days, can continue to expand. Chen brothers were admitted, a loan is purely false lawsuit behavior It is sheer fiction., taken in order to restore the personal loss. In addition, the two confessed another two false lawsuits involving an amount of $14 million. Since then, the prosecutor also led the public security organs continue to fix the evidence, locked the 5 people suspected of criminal evidence chain, and dug up fourth false cases, involving $6 million. The Yangzhou canal 10 kilometers away from the Court Road, a building has an initial scale. According to the publicity on the planning, there should be a two level of first-class hospital, to provide medical services for the Guangling Metro surrounding more than 10 million people. However, this building is absolutely empty, with the surrounding environment very dissonant. Twenty-first Century the first 10 years, the development of private hospitals in China can be said to enter the best period. Chen Daqing unwilling people, pulled to college students Ding Wei and his brother, Chen Da相关的主题文章: