Guangxi to promote cross-border cooperation pilot and accelerate new network all-round cooperation i

Guangxi to promote cross-border cooperation with ASEAN to accelerate the pilot all-round cooperation – Beijing, Beijing, Nanning, November 15, (Feng Shumin Li Minjun) 15, the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people’s government press conference announced that Fangchenggang will promote cross-border cooperation through reform, accelerate the upgrading of the pilot reform of the transformation of border trade, explore the new way, international investment cooperation on cross-border financial cooperation normalization mechanism "pilot initiative, accelerating to carry out all-round cooperation with ASEAN countries. In May this year, Vietnam is located in the border city of Fangchenggang and Ji’nan, Nanchang, Dongguan, Pudong New Area, Suzhou 12 Industrial Park, city area, was carried out as China government to build a comprehensive pilot test area of new open economy system. Fangchenggang City Vice Mayor Luo Zhen said in the conference, Fangchenggang will advance through cross-border labor cooperation, accelerate the reform of the four core tasks of reform reform and transformation and upgrading of border trade, explore the formation of various development zones cross-border economic cooperation zone, border economic cooperation zone, cross-border Labor Cooperation Demonstration Zone (Park) and open new collaborative mechanism the carrier; from the introduction of international financial organizations, to carry out international cooperation and investment capacity to establish goods facilitation mechanism so as to explore new ways to promote international investment cooperation. Luo Zhen said that in August this year, implementation of the program "points" approved by the Ministry of Commerce China integrated pilot test a new system of open economy in Fangchenggang City, to explore the financial service open economy new initiatives has become one of the important work. Including the establishment of cross-border financial cooperation normalization mechanism, promote the construction of financial cooperation mechanism between China and Vietnam, to promote the business of capital account convertibility of RMB, promote cooperation in cross-border business, and promote cross-border tourism, from multinational health care and other fields to promote all-round cooperation with the ASEAN countries. Since this year, Fangchenggang City, Guangning province and Vietnam repeatedly promote cross-border labor cooperation reform talks and reached consensus on the content, the cross-border labor cooperation management agreement to establish bilateral contact mechanism, create a good employment environment and immigration order etc.. As of October this year, the city of Fangchenggang approved a total of 10 cross-border labor pilot enterprises, the total number of approved employment of 1020 people. "Cross-border labor cooperation reform to solve the Fangchenggang city enterprise recruitment is difficult, expensive labor problems, but also a substantial increase in Vietnam border income, promoting the good neighborly and friendly between China and vietnam." Luo really said. Prior to November 9th, as one of the important contents of China Dongxing, Vietnam Mangjie cross-border tourism cooperation zone, China and Vietnam (Dongxing Mangjie) cross-border tour officially opened from the normal driving, effectively speeding up the integration of development and opening up of Dongxing National Experimental Zone and Vietnam Mangjie Port Economic Zone Construction and development, promoting both openness and cooperation. Deputy director of the Guangxi development and Reform Commission Han Qingdong said that Guangxi will actively promote the Fangchenggang and ASEAN International cooperation capacity, strong support of the Dongxing National Development Experimental Zone, Dongxing Mangjie cross-border economic cooperation zone, to provide the basis for international cooperation production facilities relatively perfect laws and policies supporting the good regional investment environment. At the same time, improve the mechanism of foreign cooperation and make full use of the China ASEAN expo,.相关的主题文章: