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UnCategorized Pocket watches were first referred to in historic documentation dating back the fifteenth century, with a larger version that was worn round the neck. An early reference was from an Italian clockmaker in the fourteen hundreds. The Duke of Moderna was believed to have owned one of the first pocket watches. At this stage the pocket watch would have only had an hour hand. As they were developed by craftsmen of the day new designs were created as time went on. By the 16th century pocket watches were popular with the affluent men of society, and they were typically manufactured from steel. Fast forward to the eighteenth and beyond, pocket watches were used across many sectors of society and throughout the western world. They were no longer soley worn by the affluent gentlemen of the day. Most manufacturers were German, Italian and English, and they produced spring loaded designs, in precious metals such as gold, silver and brass. The pocket watch became more accurate due to the integration of precious jewels such as ruby diamonds and sapphires within the internal workings of the piece. Some of pocket watches which measured minutes were created by Ottoman watchmaker Meshur Sheyh Dede in 1702. The development of the pocket watch has continued through the years and is seen as a traditional gift to be given at weddings. Typically it is a bestman gift but also given to ushers and father of the bride. The pocket watches that are available on the market today are in working order. Today one can buy a good qualiy pocket watch with a warranty, for a very low price. They keep the time and .e in a variety of designs and usually have a one year warranty. The following section may help when choosing how to buy them for your wedding. Highly polished silver is a good option for an affordable pocket watch that looks impressive and is suitable for engraving. However silver ones are usually more expensive than some other types on offer. Chains which attach the watch to the clothing vary in length and style. They can usually attach to buttonholes, belts or lapels so if you are buying for wedding gifts its useful to think about the recipients and the clothes that will be worn on the day or typically for that person. The majority of chains are around twelve inches long in length and the Albert style chain is a favourite. There are so many varieties to choose from. Face and numerals size differ from watch to watch. A large size which can be read by most people is 35 mm across. The colour of face can vary from watch to watch. It may be a shiny bright white which is easy to read or a most impressive skeleton style whereby the mechanical movement can be seen. The numerals .e in a variety of style from plain numbers to Arabic style numerals. Engraving of text and photographs will transform the pocket watch gift into a unique personalised wedding gift which is personal to the recipient. When buying make sure that there is a warranty with the watch, and ensure that the watch is sold with a presentation box. Presentation boxes can create the wow factor, and therefore its always worth asking for details. Imagine how much better a quality container is lined with a blue silk, to a piece of bubble wrap. It really can make all the difference. Most reputable gift shops both online and in the high street will have engraving facilities and some will do the engraving free of charge. To summarise if you are buying pocket watch gifts for weddings helpful checkpoints are as follows. Check the wedding outfits, colours, and style. Buy a watch that .es with a warranty. Select a pocket watch that will fit with the button holes or belts loops of the wedding suit if thy are to be given at or before the ceremony. Find a gift shop that will supply engraving for free, and check that they do photo gifts, not just text. Ensure that the presentation box is impressive and of good quality and created the right impression. You can also ask for the presentation colours to match with the wedding theme colours. Finally choose a lovely pocket watch for each guest and make sure you know the spelling of each individuals names before ordering. Enjoy shopping for your best men. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: