He gave me a pair of shoes, one is blue, the other is blue winfast

He gave me a pair of shoes, a blue and orange, the other one is blue and yellow – click on the top right of Sohu " " SNEAKER; join the Dragon… Seven more exciting content, view the history of news November 4, 2016, the winter is coming, what is it like? Is a subway car in the baked sweet potatoes, the wind is still burning smoke fart, take off the sweater of static electricity, or a bowl of noodles made by her mother…… You listen to the night, the wind was still speaking, passed between the buildings, and tell you the decline and lonely. I lay on the bed, looked at the phone, the past week is very tired, too much, came, left, how have. I am in meditation, but also in the training of sleep, you know, Sishuifeishui with hazy feeling is very beautiful, eyelash through some light, a halo, a fine golden dream…… I was still immersed in dreams to the corridor, the mobile phone when the earthquake, picked up a look. Is haven’t met in a long time the students Q. He asked, Zhou Liufa’s " black toe " did you buy it? Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG " Black Toe" Saturday will be the return of " Black; Toe" color is all the way back 3 times in 2007 to " Old Love & New Love" set form of regression, but is the 8 hole Mid shoes; 2012 Jordan Brand launched the KO version of " Black; Toe", of course, the KO version of the popularity it has been so tepid; by 2013, real " Black; Toe" regression, shoe city a few years fry lane, price is also approaching 3000 yuan. Speaking of the " black toe " regression, admits that its popularity also can only be considered acceptable. One is because three years ago engraved, people want to buy early to buy; two is Air Jordan market increasingly flat, brand sale of shoes increased, people’s heat down, there are a lot of options, long past is pair of shoes would grab time. Similarly, did not want to buy a pair of people, do not have to buy today. As for the Rare version…… seems to point the day and await for it going back to the topic, I and Q are some days without contact. He is my college classmate, will play the guitar, love to play Dota, like sleeping in class, but also can test the English level six. After graduation, he returned to the south, I still live in the north, usually less contact, it slowly becomes a circle of friends like the turn point. When he and I have a lot to talk about, but definitely not including SNEAKER this one, I say you how, how to play on? He said there was nothing to ask. After a few pleasantries, ask the situation, as long as not to borrow money.相关的主题文章: