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Travel-and-Leisure For those who have not used Heathrow airport parking before the whole process can seem daunting and confusing at first. There are many options for you to choose from, including covered parking, extra secure parking, meet and greet parking, long-stay parking and a whole host of others. This article will hopefully give you a good idea with regards to exactly what parking options are on offer at many UK airports along with some essential airport parking advice. The key factor in successfully planning your holiday is to pre-book your airport parking if you intend to drive to the airport in your own vehicle. It is inadvisable to simply arrive at the parking bay for two reasons. Firstly there will often be limited if any room for those who have not booked at peak periods during the year and also you can expect to pay on average double the price that those who have booked online or have pre booked through simply turning up on the day. You should also be aware that in the airport car parking industry it is not advisable to book directly with any provider. There is good reason for following this advice as if for example you use an airport price .parison service then all the .panies are directly .peting against one another meaning that the rates they advertise on these types of websites will often be vastly cheaper than the fees quoted on their respective websites. Booking through a third party is almost no different than going direct and you should receive all correspondence via email usually, as with any .parison service you may choose to book through – though you should always confirm your booking with the actual .pany you have chosen to park. This is because it has been reported that infrequently bookings fail to get passed through to the parking .pany due to technical issues for example, this is rare though thankfully. Before you look for Heathrow airport parking it sometimes also pays to consider using a taxi. Many holidaymakers totally avoid even considering this option as they assume, often wrongly that the costs of this service will be extortionate. However, dependent upon where you are travelling to and from in the UK you may find the cost of such a journey to represent surprisingly good value. You must also factor in the cost of the return taxi journey into your calculations however, so bear this in mind before making any firm decision. Whichever option you choose you must always allow enough time to arrive at the airport well before the check-in desk for your flight closes. Bear in mind that should you be using an airport parking service there will be transport times to bear in mind from when you leave your car in the car park to catching the shuttle bus to the departures terminal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: